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19 de Mayo, 2012    General

Sol-Alcyon in conjunction 5/20/2012

Alcyon is the system to which our sun rotates, lasting 2600 years to go all the way, and every time there pointing towards the earth attracts the energies that come from there. A Alcyon is known as the mourners, and is said to tend to produce all kinds of afflictions, accidents, conflicts, crises, etc.. The curious thing about this year is that there is a new moon that will produce an eclipse, culminating with the new moon day 21. Furthermore, it is in conjunction with Jupiter on one side and the other with the South Node of the Moon, in inharmonious aspect to Pluto, Neptune, and Alcyon Saturno.De somehow being in Gemini points south of the Galactic Center, making it combination is of extreme importance. To the Maya this is a very important day before the Sun-Venus conjunction, which they are the prelude to the 21-12-2012.Para me this day marks a major change and significant, it means an end of a process associated with Alcyon, then the energy situation, spiritual, material, mental and have a grand finale or big change, as our energy depends largely on the evolutionary processes of Alcyon, new moons changes of any kind, or late processes and with an eclipse more. The important thing is also remaining in touch with the South Node of the moon, which somehow has to do with the past, here is the end of a past that has been dragging, and Gemini will have the strength of mindand capacity for renewal and creativity and inventive, typical of this sign. In short, the change will be so profound that it is possible disruptive to all values ​​and situations of society, both social, political, cultural, spiritual, material, emotional, psychological, physical, etc.. The negative aspects that can deepen Neptune receives much more all these internal problems at the psychological, and or bring out all those things are there unresolved, and we do not want to face. There may be major problems for water, either by high tides, heavy rains, tsunamis, floods, sea and water may be the cause of the great things to deal with changes or globally from now, this New Moon on Alcyon. The dissonant aspect with Pluto can mean violent events on the social level, and level of violent nature, such massive volcanic eruptions, and nuclear explosions, or failed experiments that can bring serious consequences to the earth. You can give the impression that you can not handle will fully own destiny, and external situations we may be beating or driving. Continue the fact that some politicians will fall because they can not maintain its position in power, could be the end of a monarchy, and the death of a political power. It may be that some countries are associated to sustain the current situation. The square of Uranus to Pluto remains in force, so the crisis can be as augmented by this astrological position, can also cause earthquakes mole and large-scale, given the level of astrological and astronomical events, and explosions. In short this planetary alignment will produce or mark the beginning of a great change, which no one will be absent. Some say that new portals habrirán existence, I do not know, but for me it marked with the days before and above him, the great shift in consciousness of the earth, because this alignment is one of the most important of this time, along with the conjunction of Venus-Sun Day 5 06/06/2012.Another curious thing is that Gemini ends with another New Moon, which is unusual. In addition to the entry of Jupiter into Gemini on 11/06/2012. So Gemini will bring endless changes, surprises, and situations of all kinds. One thing that is not minor and that in several of the Gemini astrological events and partnerships Alcyon, Venus will be in conjunction on the constellation of Orion, bringing a higher energy of love and higher spiritual power, supporting the position ofthese days in connection with the Alcyon. Another very important cosmic situation and interesting, is that the day Jupiter enters Gemini, and positioned on Acyon, the sun would rise in the constellation of Orion, I think is extraordinary, the amount of important astrological events that will mark the mental transformation, spiritual human race.
RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
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