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28 de Abril, 2018    General

Full Moon of Taurus 29-4-2018

In this full Moon of Taurus there are many complex astrological situations. The Sun remains in Taurus in the 5th house, and the Moon in Scorpio in the 11th house, and the Lunar Nodes, the South in the 2nd house in Aquarius, and the North in Leo in the 8th house; that is, the Sun and the Moon are squared to the Lunar Nodes, acting as a brake, or making it very difficult to find the direction to follow, or achieve the desired goals, is like wanting to pull a train to move it, Unless the person is very strong, what is most slowed down is the area of finances, and the inner power to put into action. And to further complicate the situation, since a few days ago there is a conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Lilith, in Capricorn, in a square with Uranus, this can produce all kinds of conflict situations, irrational, violence, explorations, wars, earthquakes, wrong decisions, powerful winds, etc. The conjunctions of Mars and Pluto generate strength, determination, much sexual energy, internal power to do and achieve, curb fears and act with total decision, gives great strength to solve psychological problems, etc., but the problem is that it would be in conjunction with Lilith or Black Moon, which gives negative force, darkness, betrayals, etc., causing that power to be used in a negative way, so we must be attentive to what may be happening in these days for the duration of the conjunction. On the other hand Jupiter makes a positive aspect to this conjunction, from the 11th house, giving it the strength of action, making many people benefit, and can achieve things on a large scale, especially in the financial area.For the different signs:

Aries many tensions, must take care of violent situations, accidents, unforeseen situations, try not to act explosively or without patience, because they can reach the extremes. If you have children, they can have significant achievements.

Taurus on the one hand may feel that their objectives or goals do not work, or are slowed down, or do not find the right direction to follow, however the Capricorn conjunctions provide support, strength, determination, actions without fear, and also give strength sexual and good magnetism. Good work moment

Gemini tensions come indirectly, Venus helps them with some peace, greater social contact, for some the meeting of an important couple. The wheel of fortune accompanies them.

Cancer has a strong energy in opposition, must take care of violent acts, get away from people tense or nosy, have a time to try to manage things with greater control or self-control, are times to make profound changes. However they have a strong intuition, and water currents in favor.

Leo need some rest, maybe a little trip somewhere, do sports, order a little life, take refuge a bit in the spiritual, until they pass the confusing or not achievable situations of the moment.

Virgo all seems strange to you, but you can have moments of interesting achievements, especially in the area of profession or work, perhaps some recognition. Some important achievement. They feel safe in spite of everything.

Libra is like the eye of the storm, stop everything quieter, but there is a storm around, despite everything they continue with clear goals, with many setbacks, tensions, and demands.

Scorpio on the one hand feel restrained or that things do not go, but on the other hand they feel like a great confidence and security that they can achieve or do their things, they feel something alone or not supported. Contact with people does not help much.

Sagittarius are like observing the environment, with great physical strength, determination, strength in personality, etc. Achilles heel may be in the couple's area, whether it continues or not.

Capricorn on the one hand a lot of inner strength, a lot of determination, a lot of faith and conviction, sexual strength, or sexapeel, little patience, a lot of desire to do or act. Achievements in the area of money, or financial achievements. Rebellion.

Aquarius the biggest brakes of these days are the memories, the unresolved things, the brothers and the family, perhaps doubts with the studies, or problems to continue.

Pisces at the moment are with calm waters, clinging to the home and family, much astrological support, much inner strength, a lot of intuition, despite the pressures they feel confident, confident, and very determined.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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