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18 de Julio, 2016    General

Cancer Full Moon 19/07/2016

This Full Moon occurs between houses 6 and 12, so health and work are the most important to consider. The Moons can make a maximum of energy, and also an end of situations, so may mean that there is a tendency to generate changes in labor, social, and health. It is good time to check the body, both physically and psychologically, to generate positive change and recover from conflict situations. Venus and Mercury remain in conjunction, so artists, musicians, singers, actors, writers, sculptors,... Continuar leyendo

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24 de Septiembre, 2015    General

Sol - Lilith in conjunction 26/09/2015

This transit the Sun on Lilith or Black Moon, causes come to light negative or dark things that were not visible or were hidden, is likely plots, betrayals, financial embezzlement or government are discovered, or be exposed things that have I been keeping the people and somehow be exposed to evil deeds. In these days you can be exposed to all kinds of negativities, betrayals, negative or adverse situations. Saturn is back in inharmonious with Neptune and Mars, further aggravating the situation... Continuar leyendo
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14 de Julio, 2015    General

Mars - Mercury conjunct 07/15/2015

Mercury conjunct Mars and make a blend of mind and strength, is the thinking in action, impulsiveness and reasoning together, is expressing thoughts and enthusiasm energetic. In Cancer emotion and intuition, with the force mix. You can increase the thinking and sexually excited, much more than usual. It is likely that the writers of books and scripts for film, have much more mental and sexual inspiration. This conjunction It has two inharmonious, Pluto and Uranus, Mars they generate with great... Continuar leyendo
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21 de Abril, 2015    General

Mars - Mercury conjunct 22 - 4-2015

This combination occurs in the 7th house in the sign of Taurus. Mars and Mercury together makes the mind is very impulsive, concentrated, acting with great force, dynamism, enthusiasm, etc. In Taurus make actions typical Taurus inertia, mobilize or be mobilized, making action and mind come together to act, do, or start things at other times does not have the strength, decision or determination, and either out of fear or insecurity, or because what is done or needs to be conserved by fear of... Continuar leyendo
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06 de Enero, 2015    General

Mercury conjunct Venus 07/01/2015

Mercury conjunct Venus 07/01/2015
This combination is already in place since late December and continue until the end of January, as there is a day when they are in perfect combination, I will speak of generality, in transit through aquarium. This combination usually connected to the reasoning or rational intelligence, with deep feelings, Venus adds beauty and creativity to the intelligence of Mercury. Benefit from this combination artisans, writers, singers, architects, students, scientists,... Continuar leyendo
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23 de Diciembre, 2014    General

Saturn in Sagittarius 12/23/2014

Saturn in Sagittarius 12/23/201411hs36´ cuzco

Saturn in Sagittarius acts much freer or more optimistically, with more action and optimism, which in Scorpio. Saturn is on the 9th house, so spiritual and processes religions are those who will be most marked on the time, here Saturn forces humans to seek answers or ... Continuar leyendo

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03 de Diciembre, 2014    General

Mars in Aquarius 12/04/2014

Mars in Aquarius 12/04/2014 23hs57´

Here Mars in Aquarius makes your strength and enthusiasm is greater than in Taurus, the energy is released sharply, going into action and dynamism, sexuality also released, and practice, mechanical and scientific capacity. this is a good time for those in the area of science, as... Continuar leyendo

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25 de Octubre, 2014    General

Mars in Capricorn 10.26.2014


Here Mars acts much more cold and calculating, and not to take action and Sagittarius, is more diplomatic and cautious, reserved, and save or save to the action, to see first what he needs or wants, and evaluate resources, before acting, as Capricorn loves work and be aware of time, thinking and reasoning to act the consequences. So here Mars gives strength or... Continuar leyendo

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11 de Octubre, 2014    General

Sol - North Node conjunct in Libra 12.10.2014

Sol - North Node conjunct in Libra 12.10.2014 14hs43' 

Days ago I was talking about this astrological position of the Sun in conjunction with the Lunar Node North in Libra, it is an excellent time to schedule, conduct, structure, project, start projects, as it presents quite positive with the support of Jupiter and Mars and the... Continuar leyendo

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13 de Septiembre, 2014    General

Mars in Sagittarius 09.13.2014

Mars in Sagittarius 09.13.2014 21hs57' 

Here Mars in Sagittarius acts differently than in Scorpio, that comes into play, since Sagittarius rije muscles, mental projection, spiritual projection, and communication of knowledge and information, here you grow in knowledge, but is transmitted that information or wisdom is shared for all to receive, contrary to Scorpio is to learn, but is left with... Continuar leyendo

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