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12 de Junio, 2018    General

New Moon of Geminis 13-6-2018

This New Moon is produced in the 8th house, the house of transformation and consciousness, making you tend to make changes by your own strength and will, whether in the environment and internally, the psychological, you have a little more strength to act, changes can be very deep and radical, here power is the most important in these days. The Sun and the Moon remain in disharmony with Neptune who is in the 5th house, it can make them feel disappointment, excess of imagination or fantasy, depressions, insecurity when acting, and those who may be feeling that most are children, especially loneliness or the tendency to want to get away from others, or not see clearly the things they want or their own personality. Uranus is square to the Lunar Nodes, this can produce a brake or the sensation of being held back, or it can not free itself from the situations that it lives daily, tensions with its future, or want to achieve its things above all without having to Count the consequences. Uranus is also square to Venus and Mars, increasing tensions in the social, sexual, labor, family, profession, etc., this can generate much violence in every way, earthquakes, hurricane winds, volcanic eruptions, attacks, riots social, etc, Jupiter is also added to it from the other side, in quadrature to the Lunar Nodes, Mars and Venus, increasing the tension and violence, and the problems to face, with the sensation of restraint. On the other hand Jupiter is in the ascendant along with the wheel of fortune, giving a touch of luck in the expansion of the objectives, perhaps an excess of ambition and fighting strength, but in secret. Mars is in conjunction with the South Lunar Node, so it is likely to tend to remember old sexual or passionate past, and even the meeting of someone who was his partner in the past, or previous life. Venus is in conjunction with the Midheaven and the North Lunar Node, giving a certain magnetism of attraction of couple, sentimental attraction, and sensual, also with probability of social, cultural success, fame, achievements in the profession, achievements in the area of ​​commerce , sale of products, etc. As an addition to this day, it is that the Sun and the Moon would be in conjunction with the stars of Orion, so something important must happen in these days, and for those in the spiritual area, they can be very deep moments in the experience. internal, in the search for God, there may be some experience that marks a change or a different direction, in the spiritual and material area.For the different signs:

Aries the energy is put in the area of work and health, they may be making changes in the work or in the way of addressing their activities, there may be proposals of some commercial society, tensions may come from siblings or relatives.

Tauro brakes may be in the area of work and health, there may be lung problems, sexual, and skin, tensions in the social area, and the couple, separatist tendencies, or little patience.

Geminis the announced changes can be very deep, changes by own will or by deep decisions, insecurity, loneliness, disappointment, circulatory problems, take care of viruses and bacteria.

Cancer, Venus is between Cancer and Leo, at a point of no definition, if it turns to the family or to itself, the opposition of Mars to Venus is love versus sex, both do not join, for now, possibility of travel and many activities.

Leo as Cancer sexuality is opposed to feelings, but they define the position towards their self or the personal, in the area of profession and social, they can have important achievements, and obstacles or important problems, for some purpose in the work activity or profession, or problems with bosses or superiors.

Virgo their goals remain, or they keep them fixed, some disappointments or disappointments, problems with the children if they have them. Some personal achievement, some solution in the legal area.

Libra does not affect them as much as other signs, some situations can be fabled, but they are somewhat lonely or solitary, or with little connection with others.

Scorpio on the one hand can have problems in the workplace and family, and on the other hand have new projects, intuition is strong, beware of acts of violence, or complicated situations. The conjugation of Jupiter and the Wheel of Fortune can give them extra satisfaction.

Sagittarius are very demanded by the New Moon, can give them important changes in decisions, especially in the area of money or material things, can have an extra achievement of money or achievements in the profession.

Capricorn a little less tension than previous months, but beware of negative or mischievous people, or unscrupulous, because their influences can be dire, like betrayals, Saturn in your sign may be acting as a brake on bad decisions.

Aquarius tensions may be in the family area, may have some tendency to relationships with someone from the past, and even to coexistence, but it is sex versus love, and tensions in the workplace.

Pisces may in the area of finance there are important achievements, but with various disappointments, depressions, changes in attitude towards others, tensions or problems with children if you have them. Good time for artists or painters.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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