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Blog de Círculo Zer for you an aid to your spirit
05 de Septiembre, 2017    General

Full moon of Virgo 6-9-2017

This full Moon is quite interesting, because there are many positive aspects among the planets, so you have to take advantage of these energies because in other astrological moments are not repeated. Mars and Mercury are in positive aspects with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, giving very good chances of economic growth, material, large-scale money, intelligence, inventiveness, achievements through the profession, achievements in industry and commerce, expansion in all areas, achievements in... Continuar leyendo

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21 de Agosto, 2017    General

Leo New Moon 21-8-2017

This New Moon is quite important because of the great astrological influence it has, coupled with a total eclipse that will be seen in many places of the North emisphere especially. One of the things is that it is in conjunction with Mars and the North Lunar Node, as the North Lunar Node has to do with the most important projects in life, are the things that you want to achieve, achieve or solve from the past, or from A previous life, then this new Moon can generate a great change in the goals... Continuar leyendo

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21 de Agosto, 2017    General

Saturn - Black Moon in conjunction 22-8-2017

This conjunction of Saturn with the black Moon or Lilith is quite negative, since the planet of Karma or of times or righteousness would be at the height of Lilith that resonates with darkness, negativity, betrayal, and all those activities Related to the dark; So here you can safely uncover things that may have been hidden, or have to pay in bulk or individual for the mistakes made or those that can be committed by acts of unconsciousness. There may be events that mark a situation that affects ... Continuar leyendo
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15 de Agosto, 2017    General

Sun - North Lunar Node in conjunction 16-8-2017

This conjunction of the Sun with the North Lunar Node is very interesting since it means a good time to schedule things or structure things into the future. The North Moon Node are the projects that are wanted to do in this life, things that could not be done in the past or previous life, and in conjunction with the Sun makes the light shine on the most important projects, life projects , Is the beginning and the end, because for some people it may mean concluding things that are believed not... Continuar leyendo

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07 de Agosto, 2017    General

Leo Full Moon 7-8-2017

Aries very good moments, a lot of mobility or action, personal independence, very active especially in intelligence, creativity, perception, construction, electronics, science, etc. Good time to build or structure the future and the present, you can present very good opportunities, travel, studies, companies, solutions of things of the past, etc.Taurus can be recovering from diseases, or problems in general, the situation may be pressing somehow, good situations in the labor, fate seems to be... Continuar leyendo

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