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25 de Noviembre, 2016    General

Pluto - Venus in conjunction 25-11-2016

This conjunction of Pluto with Venus is to bring together power, ambition, control or self-control with love, beauty, the social. So the most important issue is the control of emotions or feelings, and as both have to do with the social, because Pluto rules the masses or groupings, the conscious power, and Venus is the element that connects others or unites them, So it is expected situations of mass demonstrations of people, or projects based on the masses of people or management of nations and ... Continuar leyendo

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19 de Noviembre, 2016    General


Every year I speak of this part of the Sun's transit over the open part between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which some say is Ophiuchus, which is a constellation that is not on the line of the passage of the Sun, and is on this line , But the feet of these constellations are on Scorpio and Sagittarius.The interesting thing is that Nostradamus used this star-free area, which the energy of the center of the galaxy directly reaches to make the annual predictions, it was as if it... Continuar leyendo

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19 de Octubre, 2016    General

Mars - Pluto conjunct 10/19/2016

This Conjunction Mars - Pluto is in Capricorn, both have to do with force, energy, power, sex or sexual magnetism and action, so these values ​​will be present in these days. The power of all, this can act as an internal security, thought or feeling that you can achieve or do anything, and in some cases without considering the consequences, total risk, absolute deciciones, if fear, determination stubborn, and is to achieve something, to achieve power, show that you can or want to be ... Continuar leyendo
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15 de Octubre, 2016    General

Libra Full Moon 10/16/2016

Libra Full Moon This is very complex and complicated. The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Libra this as I have said many times, is the sunshine on the mind, the rational intelligence, self merges with the mind, to open the inner potentials, and to understand things another time not reason correctly. Moon is on the opposite conjunct Uranus side, this can produce a tendency to rebellion, individualism in extreme want freedom either way, wanting to break free from all kinds of emotions that curb,... Continuar leyendo

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29 de Septiembre, 2016    General

Libra New Moon 30/09/2016

This New Moon Libra is much more positive than before, since it is accompanied by Jupiter, so knowledge, wisdom, kindness, expand of love, beauty, creativity in art, healing, beginning benign new projects, or expand of previous or current projects, is a good time to grow in knowledge, especially for researchers, scientists, architects, doctors, artists, travelers, foreign and domestic trade, etc. This triple combination is inharmonious with Mars, so it's probably people to... Continuar leyendo
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