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02 de Diciembre, 2017    General

Full moon of Sagittarius 03-12-2017

This Moon full of Sagittarius would be between houses 10 (the Sun) and house 4 (the Moon), so commerce, industry, politics, profession, social, cultural, art, and so on are influenced. on the other hand the family, the home, privacy, etc; it is the past versus the future, it can be the end of a political and economic process, and the beginning of a new one, whether generated by the politicians themselves, or by pressures generated by society in general. Venus is in the 10th house, giving the... Continuar leyendo

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21 de Noviembre, 2017    General

Sun in transit on Ofiuchus 21-11-2017

Every year I add to the annual predictions this area, which is that of Ofiuchus, which is an area without stars that is between Scorpio and Sagittarius, that the energy of the central Sun of the galaxy arrives directly towards the Earth. Ofiuchus or ofiuco, is a constellation that is above the zodiacal line, that some stars are at the height of Scorpio, and some people want to add to the zodiacal signs. Nostradamus used this area to make predictions of what would happen until the following year ... Continuar leyendo

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18 de Noviembre, 2017    General

New Moon of Scorpio 11-18-2017

Trend for all signs:

Aries are very self-centered, very creative, with a lot of faith in their finances, they feel very independent towards current situations, those who have children is their current focus. Plans of trips or studies.

Taurus very demanded in every way, with good possibilities of work, but with future profits, next year the signs of land and water will be completely well aspected astrologically, come good times.

Geminis are more sociable, with... Continuar leyendo

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05 de Septiembre, 2017    General

Full moon of Virgo 6-9-2017

This full Moon is quite interesting, because there are many positive aspects among the planets, so you have to take advantage of these energies because in other astrological moments are not repeated. Mars and Mercury are in positive aspects with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, giving very good chances of economic growth, material, large-scale money, intelligence, inventiveness, achievements through the profession, achievements in industry and commerce, expansion in all areas, achievements in... Continuar leyendo

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21 de Agosto, 2017    General

Leo New Moon 21-8-2017

This New Moon is quite important because of the great astrological influence it has, coupled with a total eclipse that will be seen in many places of the North emisphere especially. One of the things is that it is in conjunction with Mars and the North Lunar Node, as the North Lunar Node has to do with the most important projects in life, are the things that you want to achieve, achieve or solve from the past, or from A previous life, then this new Moon can generate a great change in the goals... Continuar leyendo

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