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15 de Abril, 2018    General

New Moon of Aries 15-4-2018

This new Aries Moon is very intense, since it occurs with a conjunction of Uranus with the Sun and the Moon, so it marks great changes, unexpected situations, changes by force, renewal of situations, large-scale tensions, etc; in its positive part it can indicate instants of a lot of creativity, genius, a spark for discoveries, especially in the area of science and technology, electronics, and mathematics, this can influence many who are in the area of electronics and electricity. This triple... Continuar leyendo

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31 de Marzo, 2018    General

Full Moon of Aries 31-03-2018

This Full Moon of Aries is full of tensions, complex situations, conflicts, etc. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, this usually gives a greater mental strength, greater concentration, more rationality, improves memory, greater willpower to do things or start things, due to the fact that it is in Aries. The Moon is in Libra, in the house 6, this makes the emotions are refined, and wanting to relate to others, a lot of work. Saturn is in conjunction with Mars and Lilith or Black Moon, tend... Continuar leyendo

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17 de Marzo, 2018    General

New Moon of Pisces 17-3-2018

This New Moon of Pisces, is quite intense, it is produced in the 11th house, the house of the goals or objectives, so it is probable that it tends to make important changes, new objectives or renovation of the same ones, important achievements, either made by own will, or imposed by the environment. This Sun - Moon is square to Mars, making it possible to live intense situations, much aggressiveness, many tensions, fights, cuts or end of relationships, rejections, controversies, very marked... Continuar leyendo

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14 de Marzo, 2018    General

Speaking of Pope Francis ...

The birth chart of Pope Francis has a very complex birth chart, and a very particular thing is happening, one of which is that he has an opposition, "in his birth day," to Saturn in opposition to Neptune, and both in square to the Lunar Nodes, this can mean a deep loneliness, insecurity, deep fears, poverty, sense of abandonment, phobias, etc., and Neptune is currently approaching in transit to the natal Saturn, and in opposition to the natal Neptune, this means that that internal tendency is... Continuar leyendo

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14 de Marzo, 2018    General

Mars and its astrological action in these months

I have wanted to make these astrological comments for the great influence that it is generating, and will continue to generate in these coming days, and the following months. Their influence in every sense is greatly noticeable, especially in a very negative way, although many people do not affect them very strongly or directly, they may be making an influence in some area of our lives, or an external influence, things that we can not handle but that can affect us. Mars has to do with the force... Continuar leyendo

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