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science of the spirit-zer
Blog de Círculo Zer for you an aid to your spirit
14 de Febrero, 2018    General

New Moon of Aquarius 15-2-2018

This New Moon of Aquarius is very intense, full of situations and tensions. The Sun and the Moon are in conjunction with Mercury, making the Aquarian intelligence is increased and concentrated, making the concrete reasoning is used in matters of creativity, invention, writing, science, art, research, electronics, computing, transmission of information, travel, and issues associated with the future, visions, conscious mental journeys, etc. The positive support of Uranus to this conjunction... Continuar leyendo

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31 de Enero, 2018    General

Full Moon of Aquarius 31-1-2018

This full Moon of Aquarius is very significant, due to the number of planetary aspects, and astrological situations. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and both in conjunction with the South Lunar Node, and on the other side the Moon is on the opposite side in conjunction with the North Lunar Node, this can mean the end of a life process and the beginning of Another, it can also mean that things that in the past have been done with serious errors, with many obstacles or important brakes, are being... Continuar leyendo

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16 de Enero, 2018    General

New Moon of Capricorn 16-1-2018

This New Moon of Capricorn is very important, because they are in conjunction with Venus and Pluto. Here in Capricorn changes or beginnings are slow, but with commitment, thinking about the future, and how the situation may be affecting us or affecting the future, with coldness, stability, with awareness, observation, patience, rectitude, etc. The conjunction of Venus associated with the New Moon, can generate profound changes at a social, cultural, sentimental and loving level, can make... Continuar leyendo

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09 de Enero, 2018    General

Sun - Venus - Pluto in conjunction 9-1-2018

This conjunction of the Sun - Venus - Pluto is very important and transcendent, from the political, social, massive, individual or very personal point of view. From the personal point of view it can mean changes in the deep psychological area, with awareness, whether caused by the environment or caused by themselves, it is an excellent moment to make changes in the psychological and sentimental area in a conscious and with the full management of the will and the personal self-management. For... Continuar leyendo

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05 de Enero, 2018    General

Jupiter - Mars in conjunction 6-1-2018

This conjunction of Jupiter with Mars, in Scorpio, is of a very powerful influence, it is of a really profound influence. Mars in Scorpio is exalted because it is co-regent with Pluto, it gives a lot of psychic strength, sexual force, investigative force, taste for the hidden, to investigate things that at another moment does not reach much depth, strength of action, without fears, with tendency to act in secret, being able to make plots without anyone knowing. Mars together with Jupiter... Continuar leyendo

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