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30 de Mayo, 2018    General

ASTROLOGY: talking about Lionel Messi ...

If someone had ever asked me if Leonel Messi could become super famous or one of the best players in history, I would have said no, it is clear that there are very fine factors, which are what activate the person to achieve certain things. He is from Cancer with ascendant in Sagittarius, that gives him the dynamics, and muscular strength, and force of expression through the body. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, is in Aries and the 5th house, being in a sign of fire and strength, gives it much more dynamics and action; but the ruler of Aries, Mars, is square to Jupiter, and in conjunction with Lilith, the 9th house and Mercury, which can signify ambition and force, this configuration of Mars - Jupiter in quadrature or in opposition, usually have those who are in the army, or the martial arts, so he can channel this into the game, by not having fear in action, strength and mind in action. On the other hand it has the Moon in conjunction with Venus, in the 7th house the partner's and the social, which may be the attraction magnetism of people and the popularity that it has, but this conjunction is in opposition to Saturn and Uranus since the house 1 or ascending, that give a quality of emotional coldness, or of difficult expression of the emotions, its individual world vs the popular, the family vs the action in the world, on the one hand it wants to be deeply independent, but on the other side is deeply dependent, ...The 10th or Midheaven house has it in the sign of Leo, which gives it much brightness and the possibility of great achievements, both Saturn, Uranus, Venus and the Moon, make it a positive aspect to the Midheaven, increasing the chances of success in life.What has most struck me in the birth chart of Leonel Messi, is that he has the Sun in opposition to Neptune, and both are square to the Lunar Nodes, ... to graph it in some way, it is very difficult to achieve things with this astrological situation, because it can tend to escapism of reality, through drugs or alcohol, and his own death can be due to problems of drug dependence, or to die in a coma, or viral problems, or poisoning or poisons in the blood; the South Lunar Node remains in the 11th house, that of the objectives or goals, it means that he in a previous life for personal reasons was dedicated to his goals. He did not develop his individual or personal world, and he did not have children, especially for negligent acts , and he left them, so that is one of the things that comes to work in his life, ... I find it difficult to comment on this, for what Messi means as a star in this world, but I see that he can have the same error or the same tendency, to the separation of the children, whatever the factor, and their premature death.Although Neptune in the 2nd house of money and material things, it is in Capricorn, it usually gives insecurity with money, but it can also mean that it flows like water, I have seen that Neptune usually gives a special luck where he is in the natal chart, although it is nebulous, gaseous, and not material, and has to do with the illusory, the fantasy, which is perhaps his greatest gift in life, I believe that if he had not been a soccer player, he would have been the best magician, for this quality.There is another interesting aspect is that it has Mars, Lilith and Mercury in trine, which is a positive aspect, the wheel of fortune, which is like a factor of luck that helps in spite of everything.The Sun has it in conjunction with the 8th house, which means that it comes to want to have power of action and to manage its life at will, and not that things handle it, besides it is all or nothing, that is why its demand to itself It is so notorious. But here the beginning and end factor is present all the time, he is aware that his life can go at any time, and live intensely for this cause. House 8 is aware of what is being done, if it comes to live to old age, surely its inside will lead to the search for the higher truth, and will not stay, nor be content with the superficiality of things. This must be one of the factors that makes it try to constantly overcome, with the luck that came to one of the best teams in Spain and the world, as is Barcelona, and has been accompanied by an extraordinary group of players who play in equipment. Currently it has some astrological support because the slower planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter, which are in related signs, of water and earth, to the natal Sun. On the day of the opening of the World Cup, the Sun in transit would be on the Moon and natal Venus, and the Moon in transit, on its natal Sun, this can indicate a principle of greater popularity, and personal achievements, but also a At the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, there may be some personal problem in the family. If the Argentine soccer team reached the final, that day has the Sun in transit through its natal Mars, and the Moon, Venus and mercury over its Midheaven or house 10, giving it the possibility of having a great shine or achievement through his action, having a lot of positivity in his favor.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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