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24 de Mayo, 2014    General

Venus - Lunar South Node conjunct 05/26/2014

Venus - Nodo Lunar sur en conjunción 26-5-2014 03hs27´

Venus conjunct the Lunar Node South leads to a connection with our emotions or deeper and old feelings , leads us to connect with the emotions of the past, either from this life or a previous one, leads us to consider the internal errors or yearn for a kind of love affair or love connection leads us to see the good and bad of love relationships , connections and relationships... Continuar leyendo

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21 de Abril, 2014    General

Mercury - Lunar South Node conjunct 04/22/2014

 Mercury - Lunar South Node conjunct 04/22/2014 14hs26´

Mercury conjunct South Lunar Node indicates that in a previous life a rationalist attitude was , and very combative or quarrelsome , strongly criticize or demean others see them as inferior , and now the need for knowledge was very large. For some reason we... Continuar leyendo

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16 de Abril, 2014    General

Sol - Lunar South Node conjunct 04/18/2014

The Lunar South Node represents the errors of past lives, all those things that bring as resolved, and all those things that could not accomplish or achieve , and made ​​the capabilities and potential . this conjunction Sun - South Lunar Node in Aries in the 8th house indicates that in the previous life death came early, and could not achieve the things that they wanted , and now reappear again as possibilities, as potential .... Continuar leyendo

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11 de Mayo, 2013    General

Mars - 05/12/2013 South Lunar Node

Mars is the force, heat, energy, enthusiasm, fighting force, sexuality, initiation, head, etc., in Taurus is slow, but with great force of conviction, drive, and stable or constant. In conjunction with the South Lunar Node can be activated old relationships with people, sexually either had relationships in this life or in a previous life, it can also be the case to find her sexual couple, or cut with... Continuar leyendo

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06 de Mayo, 2013    General

Sol - Lunar South Node conjunct 07/05/2013

The South Lunar Node is the part of us of the things we bring from a previous life, all unsolved, and things like record of lived experience, and potential or capabilities of what worked and done, that is why the Node Lunar north are the projects that are to be made of the unresolved and passed. Here the Sun in Taurus is the connection to the ancient past, with the deep memory of oneself, of all your needs,... Continuar leyendo

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27 de Abril, 2013    General

Venus - South Lunar Node 4/29/2013

Here Venus love, marriage, the couple, art and justice, beauty and ability to harmonize or embellish, in conjunction with the South Node, tends to produce memories sentimental type, associated with the past, whether it life or previous life, you tend to remember or find people in the past, or may be the case that things were not resolved in a previous life with respect to the couple, or with a partner, become the postures or situations or with current partner. It may also be the case of taking... Continuar leyendo

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07 de Septiembre, 2012    General

South Node conjunct Lilith 08/09/2012

Like trying to express what this Lunar South Node conjunction with Black Moon Lilith or precisely the South Node is the past, or what brings the past, either as capacity or unresolved problems or situations that were marked In previous lives, and Lilith is the dark side of the moon or the side that is not seen, that from ancient times was considered a woman associated with the dark, black magic, death, deceit, betrayal, all Dark Arts is attributable to Lilith. Also linked to the unresolved dark... Continuar leyendo
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16 de Junio, 2012    General

Sun conjunct the Galactic Center South 06/17/2012

This combination occurs in Gemini in house 7, in dissonant aspect with Mars, and in harmony with Neptune and Saturn. This energy coming from the South Galactic will bring the deep intellectual energy of Gemini, the mind will have the full range of aspects to life, especially spiritual. Saturn from Libra will seriousness, honesty, persistence, severity, that the time required, it can also indicate the rise of a new politician or economist to power, someone with new ideas, or generate significant ... Continuar leyendo
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