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14 de Mayo, 2014    General

Venus - Uranus conjunct 05/15/2014

 Venus - Uranus conjunct 05/15/201423hs54´

This conjunction of Venus with Uranus makes the energy , love , social relations , humanitarian activities , and become more impulsive Aries , passionate , rebellious actions without thinking with great enthusiasm and initiative to intensify. It is likely that feelings are as strong or deep to make big... Continuar leyendo

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18 de Abril, 2013    General

Uranus - Mercury conjunct 04/20/2013

Uranus has to do with the technical, the humanist, science, research, collection of thoughts through the air or space, is a superior intelligence, and is an octave higher than love of Venus, Mercury is the reasoning the concrete mind, observation, the details, the mental energy transmission through the nervous system, and activation of thought in action. Here the two planets together make ... Continuar leyendo

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28 de Marzo, 2013    General

Sun - Venus conjunct Uranus 29/03/2013

On this day also brought into conjunction Sun - Uranus, Uranus - Venus, and Venus - Sun, is a very important day at astrology, the great significance that the Sun is connected with these two planets, which have to do with love, one for the couple, and the other that of humanistic, which together can give a great depth in feeling, and the possibility of major events and humanitarian actions. Technical, scientific, mechanical, with maximum power of inspiration and light, great inventions or... Continuar leyendo
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21 de Marzo, 2013    General

Mars - Uranus conjunct 03/22/2013

Mars is in force, action, sex, excitement, energy, home, Uranus is independent, rebellious, dynamic, mechanical, energy and quick action. Both are like lightning force with a force powerful action and electricity, energy enthusiasm, and an unusual magnetism for sexuality, and a lot of rebellion in action, and therefore very little patience, patience is here exhausted, because both come into play, here is thought and done, hardly reasonable. These days are very complicated because they can act... Continuar leyendo
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