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20 de Mayo, 2012    General

Gemini New Moon 05/21/2012

A few minutes after the conjunction of the Sun Alcyon, there is the New Moon of GeminiAlthough still in the same positions conjunction and astrological, only change the topocentric houses.So the conjunction with stays at home Alcyon 7, and the New Moon in House 4. (Relative to the Greenwich Meridian. The event is so important that it can be put into words, because the change that will produce complete . Although there was no event that will mark this day as something important, I think the real change of humanity is encrypted here, as an end of a human process, and the beginning of a new one. The issue is that as our sun is Alcyon the seventh sun, are evolutionarily related to the processes of Alcyon, both spiritually, genetically dimencionalmente, etc.. I think this event is much more important than 12/21/2012, indeed, is what makes things to come later. Interestingly, stay home to 4 of the "Home" (Alcyon) and somehow the past, marks the end of the path of the last of the family of the Pleiades, the Home of the Sun, or our Solar (and therefore the Earth). South Lunar Node is also there, having to do with past life and past, so everything indicates that the change will be complete. will be a before and after in every sense of the word . The Ascendant is in Capricorn and indicating that the process will be slow, but steady, Saturn ruler of Capricorn in the 8th house is in Libra, this indicates that the changes will be profound, both in politics and with politicians. 8 indicates that the house can be renovated inside completely, affecting social, expesar how love, and justice of all. The house 8 shows the inheritance, so they inherit a new karma or action, others say it is not that can produce mass casualties to create change. Saturn and Capricorn both indicate that the Cosmic Father will take action on the Karmic process of the earth, bringing a new process on earth and the beings that inhabit it. Saturn makes a positive Venus (which is in the house 5, of the children) so the children of the parent will make a new power, or begin to act more directly. appear incredible people with a connection with God or a connection with higher or divine, to help all of us in the new process of evolution of the earth. Uranus is square Pluto and Mars Quinscuns, so it is expected to have large mobilizations of land or earthquakes, or volcanic activity from this day forward. also of big explosions. Another thing that will be even more in crisis these days is the global economic situation, especially since Scorpio is in the middle heaven, then Governments will seek to maintain their power over all, even above the Pobresa or difficult people, and as Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) is in the house 12 where it is confined or almost inactive or locked, the power of large and will be fully affected fully committed. why I say that many leaders fall short-term or succumb unable to cope. The Sun, Moon, Alcyon, the South Node and Jupiter are in inharmonious aspect with Neptune, making large mobilizations have water, either by torrential rains, floods, tidal waves, floods of the sea, etc., can also generate a general unease people, great uncertainty, causing them to tend to the depression, excessive use of alcohol and drugs as a way exhaust. Unconsciousness is bound to be confronted with the truth, to be transformed. There will be people who act with total unconsciousness, brutally, cruelly total, making all kinds of negative actions toward others, or to protest the current situation that exists in the world. Sex will also be in conflict or tend to sexual abuse, sexual deception, or distorted relationships. It will also tend to scams and hoaxes.
For the different signs:
Aries you may be tensions playing tricks, but his spirit is Bolonia combatibo. Situations of money and or work are in crisis, or has multiple variants, perhaps the uncertainty of having to choose or change what is stressing. Watch out for sports or all such activities that involve risk and even driving way too fast, because they tend to accidents and falls.
Taurus tends to have to resolve legal problems or papers, still tend to trade tricks and scams papers. Jupiter has a few more days there in Taurus, so I still help them in their projects, giving them the confidence and expansion they need. It is a good time for students and teachers to continue their work.
Gemini is the focus of the astrological situation, major changes in the family, to a past situation, culminas old processes of the past, giving new life process, both at family, social, cultural, psychological, and can achieve projects at other times were unattainable
accompanies new. It may be a tendency to pregnancy, and to have a new love, or renew his old love. A child may have a very important achievement.
Cancer has a tendency to recovery from illness, or find the solution.It has good prospects, as it relate to many people through it. Many social activity. Ability to work together with your partner. Possibility of new love, or marriage proposal. Possibility of living with a new partner.
Leo is a liability or as if not to take action, family situations and social they can be overwhelming. You may be wondering about the current situation with your partner. You may feel your loneliness is not being filled by current partner, the need for a deep love is skin deep. Very sensitive emotionally, or suseptible.
Virgo has a lot of energy provided by Mars, their criticisms are higher than normal. So try not to wear those around him with his impatience. It tends to get in trouble for infidelity, or cometerlas.Puede to find a partner who is his equal sexual.
Libra a very deep change, difficult situations can arise, but has the calm to deal with them. The situations with children can be excellent. Quisas a child is a major achievement. Success for those who are in politics, social support.
Scorpio possibility of long travel, whether for pleasure or on business, the profession, spiritual matters, for reasons of study or teaching. You can have great achievements in the profession, work, or in the company. He sees a great future.
Sagittarius is a great time, especially for all you have to do with the profession, employment, social, and meet all those project that both want to achieve. The moon may give to all the obstacles that estubo carrying for long.
Capricorn comes with a dual situation, on one hand deep conflicts or difficult situations to resolve, and on the other side has the wheel of fortune that accompanies so that everything goes well, with perseverance and rectitude that requires your action.
Aquarius is a time of not knowing whether or not to act, to do or not do. You may not have the strength to make the changes you need today. The doubts and contradictions are their biggest problem.
Pisces you may be hurt or hurt by problems of infidelity or strong disappointment or deception. If committed you may be liable to be caught. All situations will present a profound change to find someone who really wants or respects. There may be significant achievements of money.
RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
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