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23 de Diciembre, 2014    General

Saturn in Sagittarius 12/23/2014

Saturn in Sagittarius 12/23/201411hs36´ cuzco

Saturn in Sagittarius acts much freer or more optimistically, with more action and optimism, which in Scorpio. Saturn is on the 9th house, so spiritual and processes religions are those who will be most marked on the time, here Saturn forces humans to seek answers or shelter in the spiritual knowledge and wisdom, because situations external to oneself are not giving satisfaction or response to what is internally required. The squares Neptune, Jupiter and the Black Moon (Lilith), can produce strong disappointment or disillusionment, anxiety, depression, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, cheating, fraud, liver diseases, circulatory, viral, psychological diseases of all kinds, etc. but as Saturn is the master of Karma, will be to teach the harsh reality for those who usually hurt or use others, or somehow do not mind the suffering of others, as politicians and all those who are at a point power, or are related to the teaching and management of spiritual and religious knowledge. So it is expected that in these three years transiting Sagittarius great political and religious leaders disappear from the scene, and his counterpart appear people for honest side to want to help on the spiritual path, beings of great spiritual height, and other high level of deception or excite experts who will take the situation of confusion or change to take action. The most highlighted Saturn here is that with true knowledge and wisdom is the way to God and His truth, worship without knowledge is like walking blind and aimless. Relying on other things or people to find God is the wrong road, on right path is the one that takes you to find God within himself, and to love and worship Him that way, everything that leads you to be one with God is the right way, here Saturn show the wisdom of the path, and that God is first and foremost to go and find.

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer


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