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05 de Julio, 2014    General

Prayer in the Cosmic Alignment July 7, 2014

Prayer in the Cosmic Alignment  July 7,  2014 

  ORDER THE UNIVERSE I AM LOVE that prevails in the whole. I AM THE LIGHT that illuminates the universe. I'M THE AIR quenching the flame of fire. I am watering WATER Earth. I am purifying FIRE Light. I AM THE EARTH feeding their children! ... OH Universe! ... We are your children, your creation and continuity. We raise our thinking today claiming your kindness. All evil away from this reality. Away the darkness and fear. We are your children we ask, we find the truth. May our hearts are tender mercy. Send us your LIGHT and LOVE this humanity. Peace and Harmony to countries that suffer. Freedom to the people who weep. Consciousness governments. Honesty beliefs. Generosity to the poor. Knowledge to children. Understanding the minds. Magnificence the needy. Abundance all beings.OH Heavenly Kingdom! ... We pray to end the dark reign of the soul and the Light of Consciousness. Prevailing in the face of the Earth Peace and Harmony. To trust each other. Do not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of inner belief. We use those gifts that we have received and to share the love that has been given us. Let the divine presence allows our souls Amar happiness.Forces of nature, positive forces of the universe, come to our meeting. Nature elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, we call upon to help us, together with the power of our inner strength deep desire that souls awaken from sleep found. Help Father of the universe that we can illuminate the paths from the true path, for all those who accompany us and for those who have not yet done! ... FATHER OUR CREATOR, we can reflect humility in knowledge. The virtues and the gifts support us and indicate the path of LIGHT and LOVE. Give us the wisdom to make our words reach the ends of the planet and feed the souls of universal knowledge. Broadens our understanding strengthens our courage, belief and joy of SER and ESTAR in the Heart, Soul and Cosmic Spirit. Only then will we be fair beings ourselves and be worthy to enter your Mind of Love! ... Force of Evil, I ordered Dark Souls, removed from where they are and go to the Light. Dark Souls, we beings of Light we shine where there is no light, density and annihilate transform confusion into clarity. We are the issuers of all energies we are receiving. Our presence will multiply the healing energy where we walk. We are the light that heals, LOVE enlightening, teaching, transmutes, which helps and directs the shadows!No bigger than our strength, because united we fight evil, pluck the roots of ill-negative force. We are the force of the universe where the pillars are supported. The LIGHT and LOVE flood the planet Earth and the beings flourish in the divine energy that surrounds the universe! ... THANK YOU UNIVERSE for pointing the Road Back. By teaching us to look inside ourselves. By giving us the joy of discovering our truths. By calling us sons and brothers. You have filled our hearts with your wisdom and hast made thy dwelling place of our souls. THANKS for peace in our hearts vibrating. THANKS for all the joy and happiness in our lives. THANKS to feel your love. THANKS for teaching us to love our brothers in this way and Prosperity Victoria. Because we LOVE YOU all and the everything! ... SO THAT WAS, SO BE, WILL DO SO! 

  This thought should be said twice on July 7, 2014. Beings only three days before were prepared, as we indicated in the instructions, with true consciousness are eligible to do so. The first order must be expressed on July 7, 2014 at 7:00 in the morning (GMT-Cuzco) and 7:00 pm (GMT-Cuzco).  This inquiry will have to be repeated twice as above and must be prepared according to energy instructed. It should be repeated until the end of 2014 on the following dates: August 7, September 7, October 7, November 7 and December 7. In the hours 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, time-Cuzco.  Those that missed the date of July 7, 2014 for any reason or lack of it, can do it on the other dates mentioned, provided that prepare their material and psychic body three days before according to the instructions we gave you.  If you want to join with other beings can do, what matters is the inner strength and Father-Creator positive and high for each of you thought. Bliss Intent with the LIGHT and LOVE to put on this act will suffice.

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