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06 de Julio, 2014    General

07/07/2014 Cosmic Portal

07/07/2014 Cosmic Portal 

There are predictions for this particular day, because from here begin a new energy process for the planet, a change in the spiritual, and profound changes in the social, economic and political process. Although the situations in the world are quite complicated, this day, as above, since December 2013, when it finished assembling the Great square of Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus, this would already be falling apart in part and days Mars Libra, Cancer and Jupiter would leave, relieving tension. However as you can try to explain the complexity of this day, and what can I make as a future process. The Sun would be conjunct on Sirius, a degree of difference, this star charity can influence both the material and the spiritual goal area, is believed to be associated with the evolutionary process of the earth like the Pleiades and Alcyone or Orion. The Sun is square Mars this causes violent behavior, little patience, irrational attitudes, fights, crashes, falls, blows, excessive sexuality is generated. Squaring the Sun to Uranus produces rebellion, separatist tendency, or want to reform or change at any cost, with inhumane acts. Sun Opposition Pluto can cause obstacles in the issue of power, forced changes in power, pressure changes, obstinacy. Also the Sun is trine the Moon, Saturn and Neptune, social situations can be massive, large mobilizations of people, we probably have an important political leader, intuition and perception becomes really profound, arising can have spiritual experiences deep; astrological these situations can give some seriousness, stability, consistency, strength, and coolness needed to cope. Pluto his look is sextile Saturn, Moon and Neptune, this is a moment of deep connection with consciousness and spirituality, in which perception, intuition, astral connection and opening awareness with the unconscious, is a connection point for the interior, with deep self, and the ability to solve all these problems we have had for a long time; Pluto gives awareness or consent or volunteer management, depth perception Neptune, Saturn gives righteousness, steadfastness, seriousness and realism, Moon connection to unconscious emotions and personality. Jupiter is square to the Nodes Linares and ambitions that can be of great magnitude, but with few resources to achieve, and spiritual level, it can mean a deep crisis, or not knowing the way to go, a lot of confusion. The issue of climate crisis will continue as it has been until now, here can be a maximum of weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, strong winds, heavy rain, large mobilizations of water, earthquakes, lightning strikes, extreme weather, etc.. Also the political question can be like weather, with big attacks, failed, big explosions, fires, plane crashes, etc scientific experiments. It is likely that scientists are developing weapons of mass destruction never seen. 

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