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11 de Octubre, 2015    General

New Moon in Libra 10/12/2015

I think in this new moon of Libra, it is somehow a repercussion of what was experienced in the previous year. The Sun and Moon are in the 6th house, the work and health, so this is what more will be affected, or most influential; tensions may arise and stress physical or occupational and backwards problems, perhaps oppressive situations at work do you want to change jobs. Work trips do not give the expected results. The other planetary aspects are also quite inharmonious, that will affect emotions, sexuality, with doubts, disappointments, depression, internal brakes or difficult to solve things. However Jupiter, Venus and Mars are in conjunction, which can produce strong emotional relationships, loving and also very intense sexual situations, much positive to connect through social partner and magnetism, but the attitude may be accompanied by waste or of excesses, however they can generate very deep love and sexual relationships, and with great affinity. They can also produce pregnancies and left in the house 5, and also gains in finance and gambling; It may also be the case that news relationships can make you cut or end previous relationships. From the point of view of the policy may indicate some important political achievements but to a very large and strong opposition, or strong revolts against cost and internal ruptures in political parties by treachery or fraud. There may be fighting. Also earthquakes or earthquakes, large mobilizations of water, falling aircraft, ships subsidence, failed experiments, hurricane winds, etc.For different signs:Aries much pressure either health or work, wanting to change everything around it, perhaps frustrated trip.Taurus despite all the tension these days may have significant or very significant, good luck intuition and achievements.Gemminis many tensions or things are not going well, but may have significant achievements of money or materials solving situations. Love conflicts, or separatist tendency.Cancer many situations as stress or pressure, for travel changes, possibility of renewing work activities, new targets.Leo these days affect it indirectly, so use your home as shelter situations, you probably do not dare to make changes, because he sees that it is not the time, but their tendency is to change everything.Virgo is mixed with many possibilities of achievements in all areas, sex, love, financial, social, labor, etc., may also have disappointments or disappointments. Beware pregnancies.Libra may very demanded in labor and social contacts with others are locked, separatist tendencies. Perhaps you disease tensions. I recommend not to travel.Scorpio major situations are in the area of ​​the couple, separatist tendencies or difficult things to resolve, strong disappointments. But they keep their sexual magnetism.Sagittarius may solve things legal, inheritance, and physical problems. It is good time to rethink all his current situation.Capricorn are no strangers to the current tense situation, do not report travel desired satisfaction, problems in school, and sports. There may be very deep love and sex that can make strong. Unusual gains money.Aquarius can achieve in the profession and in the social, changes may be required by external situations.Pisces want to put all your intuition and sign this special touch to your goals, but has strong oppositions and disappointments, perhaps abandoning partner. Problem on the situation with the children if you have them.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer. By birth charts to
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