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19 de Octubre, 2016    General

Mars - Pluto conjunct 10/19/2016

This Conjunction Mars - Pluto is in Capricorn, both have to do with force, energy, power, sex or sexual magnetism and action, so these values ​​will be present in these days. The power of all, this can act as an internal security, thought or feeling that you can achieve or do anything, and in some cases without considering the consequences, total risk, absolute deciciones, if fear, determination stubborn, and is to achieve something, to achieve power, show that you can or want to be ... Continuar leyendo
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16 de Septiembre, 2016    General

Virgo Full Moon 16/09/2016

In this full moon things are as complicated as the previous New Moon. It is presented as a day of many changes, many material and emotional to resolve situations, possessions, money and material values, ambitions, greed, and poverty. There will be careful of accidents and violent situations, emotional reactions can be explosive, with little patience, and without reasoning. You can continue the feeling brake, or things do not work, the tendency to fear, insecurity, phobias, domestic defeat, etc. ... Continuar leyendo
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08 de Agosto, 2016    General

Mercury - North Lunar Node in conjunction 08.09.2016

This conjunction of Mercury with the Lunar Node North may indicate the meeting of the rational mind with the angle of fate or things I want to achieve, giving rational force, concrete mind, clarity of objectives, and goals may be related to the mental growth, studies, research, psychology, writers, students in general, and all those in the area of the legal or writing. This conjunction is on the other side bad aspected by several planets, giving the feeling of insecurity, fear, depression,... Continuar leyendo

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18 de Julio, 2016    General

Cancer Full Moon 19/07/2016

This Full Moon occurs between houses 6 and 12, so health and work are the most important to consider. The Moons can make a maximum of energy, and also an end of situations, so may mean that there is a tendency to generate changes in labor, social, and health. It is good time to check the body, both physically and psychologically, to generate positive change and recover from conflict situations. Venus and Mercury remain in conjunction, so artists, musicians, singers, actors, writers, sculptors,... Continuar leyendo

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19 de Junio, 2016    General

Gemini Full Moon 06/20/2016

This Gemini full moon occurs between houses 1 and 7, the personality, the body, individualism versus social relationships and love. The Sun continues in conjunction with Venus, but better off than in the new moon, without so many negatives, only the opposition of the moon, this may indicate that relationships and love are at hand, the need to love express love and to receive love, since it increases the contact need for and the ability to achieve it, is when the internal takes awareness ofwhat... Continuar leyendo
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26 de Octubre, 2015    General

Scorpio Full Moon 27/10/2015

This Scorpio Full Moon occurs between houses 12 The Sun and the Moon house 6 may indicate that things are being done, on the one hand dissipate or do not have the strength and the expected outcome, or tend to want to be alone or away from each other, with the need to review his life and solve those things that are like a psychological torment, it is a good time to visit the doctor, the psychologist, and solve problems by disease. But on the other hand the moon is in the 6th house of work and the ... Continuar leyendo
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24 de Octubre, 2015    General

Jupiter - Venus conjunct 25 - 10-2015

This combination has been occurring since a few months ago, and his influence is quite pronounced, the two positive planets are mixed, and the feminine and masculine energy, giving all kinds of possibilities of achievement, spiritual, material, loving connections all type feel confident and unlimited power to do and achieve, create, investigate, learn, develop, etc. Kindness, love, beauty and wisdom come together to give all kinds of creative potential, in particular the possibility of... Continuar leyendo
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16 de Octubre, 2015    General

Jupiter - Mars conjunct 17 - 10-2015

This conjunction of Jupiter - Mars usually produces very strong action, both muscular standpoint, as energy, mental and spiritual. It is a very good influence on athletes, travelers, alchemists, and all activities and enthusiasm much mobility is required, since the action of both it becomes positive. Since one governing the energy or strength and aggressiveness and the other action or conduct by the movement, is likely to generate violence of all kinds, as that extreme sports or... Continuar leyendo
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11 de Octubre, 2015    General

New Moon in Libra 10/12/2015

I think in this new moon of Libra, it is somehow a repercussion of what was experienced in the previous year. The Sun and Moon are in the 6th house, the work and health, so this is what more will be affected, or most influential; tensions may arise and stress physical or occupational and backwards problems, perhaps oppressive situations at work do you want to change jobs. Work trips do not give the expected results. The other planetary aspects are also quite inharmonious, that will affect... Continuar leyendo
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05 de Septiembre, 2015    General

Venus - Mars conjunct 09/01/2015

This conjunction of Venus - Mars make love and sex are strongly connected, the female character Venus, Mars and the male character, giving the possibility that many people feel a strong need to relate to the opposite sex, and can generate many relationships loving; as these relationships are generated through a deep passion, they can be very durable, since both factors have come together, male and female, to gestate couples, and no doubt the result of experience. Moon and Uranus make them a... Continuar leyendo
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