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16 de Octubre, 2015    General

Jupiter - Mars conjunct 17 - 10-2015

This conjunction of Jupiter - Mars usually produces very strong action, both muscular standpoint, as energy, mental and spiritual. It is a very good influence on athletes, travelers, alchemists, and all activities and enthusiasm much mobility is required, since the action of both it becomes positive. Since one governing the energy or strength and aggressiveness and the other action or conduct by the movement, is likely to generate violence of all kinds, as that extreme sports or martial arts are engaged, often have this type of conjunction, and depending on the planetary aspectaciones is whether or not with much violence: and can even generate wars and confrontations of all kinds here in the sign of Virgo analysis and reasoning, can make you a little before Reason act, or analyze before taking action and not a mere impulsive action. He also is accompanying this conjunction Venus can belittle or sweeten the situation with love, making very passionate relationships, action-packed, family and lots of sexuality are generated. It can be a very important for writers of all kinds, and even architects and builders time. The downside of the Moon, Neptune
and Chiron, can produce social conflict, economic, religious problems, crises in some towns, social upheaval, psychological problems, frustrations loving, family problems, problems in the climate and soil of all kinds. I recommend avoiding these days to make long trips, because they can be problematic. These astrological situations can be people with a deep frustration kite all kinds of crimes, rape and violence. Pregnancies may have problems, interruptions or difficult. There may be a great revolt in a country in crisis, and even the fall of a political or social regime, the stock market crash, and changes of rulers for not accepting the people. The accident aircraft and ships may be present.
RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
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