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30 de Enero, 2012    General

Neptune in Pisces 03/02/2012

Neptune takes about 168 years or so to give all round the sun, and be on your own sign is Pisces. This new entry will run until 2025 and 2026. Your entry does so with good aspects of Jupiter, the Moon, Saturn and Chiron; in house 6 conjuncióncon the house almost 7. Neptune in your sign makes its reinforcing properties, especially those born in Pisces, giving greater depth in all areas of life, greater insight, intuition, magnetism, prestige, attracting vibration, improves
memory, gives greater protection, it gives an aura of mystery and sensuality typical of Pisces, improves in scientific research,
improves all spiritual potentials, both clairvoyance, astral travel, mediumship, and the perception of the records
Akashic, and also benefits the actors through its illusory quality, also the writers creativity and ability to dream, the painters also by the ability of expression of the unconscious and the ability to capture what it feels and intuits, film will be greatly improved and expanded, all the arts and even music and singing will increase and improve. Neptune in Pisces
produces greater prestige and greater social contact, but also increases the individuality and loneliness, as it makes more aware of what goes on inside, and brings to light all psychological problems, and somehow be passed to makes people more aware of the internal registers or feelings that are inside, so experienced. While Neptune likes the contact with others, try to keep a distance so as not to mess of everything in your life. A Pisces and a
Neptune likes to be understood or understood, but are like the sea, no one knows that there are deep, and so the mystery and also why they are so misunderstood, so generate that behavior in the world, perhaps more contact among the nations social
but also a greater misunderstanding. The illusory halo will make things look very good or beautiful, they are not, things that are very deep, they are not, to be analyzed much reality in it on Pisces Neptune transit. The World find another reality, both psychologically and spiritually, materially and relationships
human. Humanitarian activities have greater height, and religious groups as well. Esoteric groups will increase and will come to light new forms of spiritual work and knowledge in all these areas. They will discover the deception or things that have remained hidden in religions. See new
political, religious, and economists, but there should be very cautious by nature illusory or deceptive Neptune. So will new characters of all kinds. Neptune does not deny the achievement is likely to amplify or deepen, but we must review whether the goals are too unrealistic or fanciful, but with Neptune in Pisces achievements can run like rivers, and be large as the
sea, with no end in resources, so they can acquire new forms of resources of all kinds, and the new optical apareserán
society either in the social organization and structure. In the area of ​​healing will discover new ways of healing, or find cures for incurable diseases will be new forms of occult healing, or spiritual healers apareserán more, especially
curators with water. The good aspect of the Moon will provide much contact with people, making the political, social and cultural rights are mobilized or activated by the mass of the people, everything will have a direct action on the people en masse.
The good aspect of Saturn will cause righteousness and strength give evidence of action and correct those things that Neptune missing or has not, as the strength and coolness of action. The good aspect of Jupiter gives expansion and positive in every way, especially in the spiritual realm. Neptune in Pisces will release a lot of water, large
demonstrations of the sea, river overflows, excessive rainfall, etc., as the Lord of sea water and takes full power over the waters of the earth, so it is likely that water greatly modify the structure of the earth. In Pisces Neptune transit will make the world a before and after in all areas of the world and humanity. The spiritual needs in the area will be amplified. Some people find it manifest power or they were asleep, but as always you have to watch out for the misleading nature of Neptune, or having to know what to do with those powers or manifestations, having to search for those who know most about the subject. The oil and liquid fuels will be those who will make major changes until you get out of there for Pisces in 2026. The biggest problem in Pisces Neptune will be the subject of drugs and alcohol, consumption will grow at large scale, and
appear new drugs or multiple stimulus elements will be a growing need to stimulate the body with different things and try new experiences that take him out of material reality.
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