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03 de Febrero, 2012    General

Aquarius Full Moon 02/07/2012

Aquarius Full Moon 02/07/2012
The Sun is in the 5th house conjunct Mercury and the Moon in the
Home 11. All you have to do with creativity, self and its
expression, objectives, goals, releasing things, the
find freedom or freedom from all those things that weigh us down,
both internally and externally, is a very good time to
renewal goals, or renew the expression because the self is full. Is a
very good time for artists, especially those in the theater,
where emotions and expression are pleno.La policy and
politicians are at a maximum of creativity, where you will find outlets
old and new problems, both politically and economically, is
see and discuss new projects, especially those countries that
are beginning to organize their current crisis, and those who have
changed policy or political leaders. This Full Moon occurs
as a great opportunity for change and reform, so it is likely
change in an important political leader by another at a
reform to do, also the end of a leader to death or
disease, or disrepute. On this day there is a situation
quite unique in drawing the planets, is a
group opposed to another, forming an hourglass or seesaw; in
astrology says this produces a characteristic equal to that of
Pound, of choosing two different angles, or view a
situation or issue, or angle the election here in dispute can be
work, the expression of self, family, social, or
economic and switching to new projects. Some
countries will reach a full political and economic crash, and feel in
Elsewhere, in a chain. Maybe the fall of a politician
important drag a chain of events that affect the
others. They may have all kinds of plots, betrayals, attacks, etc..
That is a big political event or important will happen. In
summary is a moment of decision or direction to follow.
For the different signs:
Aries most situation to be resolved is the issue of the couple, perhaps
want to maintain relationships with people not compromentan, or relationships
free, not tie you in some way, however a strong
accompanies sexual magnetism, and the possibility of much activity
Taurus will take good care of your health, especially the liver and
kidneys, are likely to present a new business partnership, and
also need to resolve legal problems or a sequence.
Beware of the deception and betrayal.
Gemini is a great time for sports, travel,
studies and to write all those things that have accumulated in their
head, and his strong memory, is a very good time for the expression
in general.
Cancer is a very good time for all that is proposed, can
be commercially successful or occupation, or head of department
or political. It is a good time for those who are in politics.
Leo has a good boost of energy to channel their projects and
ambitions, has a situation of change and choice, and the possibility
to realize their goals. Many social activity.
Virgo is likely to be very active in all areas, with much
optimism, and very focused on every detail. It has a
unusual sexual magnetism is likely to have sex with
someone he knew, or is separated, or married, or otherwise
perhaps a relationship that is unlikely to endure over time.
Libra is with more optimism, and perhaps to recover problems
physical and emotional, is a very good time to start new
things, or delayed in achieving those goals over time.
Many social activities and parties.
Scorpio is making the image of the banker, is the one with the
ability to grow much in resources, is a good time to
material achievements, and to save money when needed.
Sagittarius is likely to be found with older relatives or
family, there is a need to collect or gather the family. It
may solve some legal problems. It is a good time
for those who want to continue studying.
Capricorn family situations are the most urgent
resolved, perhaps able to receive an inheritance. Also the
possibility of an important contract. But watch what
Aquarium probability of pregnancy for the Aquarian, and
Aquarians beware of what they do. Good time for the actors and
artists of all kinds, also for writers, it is possible a great
Aquarians change, good and renewed metas.Logros of children
or through their children. Maybe new curricula.
Pisces believe that within every sign is the best stand
may be, where luck and auspiciousness come to your door,
everything can be for Pisces, also possibility of pregnancy, or
adoption. You may need a new job benefits or
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CONTACT: http://circulozeronline. Vpweb. En /

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