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19 de Mayo, 2012    General

Moon-Lilith in conjunction 5/19/2012

This combination occurs in the 5th house, in Taurus. This contact with the Moon Lilith in transit and Taurus, and also in the days before the new moon, or the Black Moon, makes it a very dark moment in every way, both emotionally, materially, social, economic, cultural, creativity, children, pregnancies tend to abortion, or be complicated pregnancies. In my opinion you should avoid any possibility of seeking a pregnancy here for the extreme point of negativity that may be happening, but everything feels right. Many things can be generated sinister plots and scams of all kinds, both personal and global relations between countries, I think we must be very attentive to everything going on these days, not only by this combination Moon of Lilith, but for all the astrological events that precede it, the next day (20-5-2012) the conjunction of the Sun and Moon with Alcyon, after the new moon (21-5-2012), then the conjunction of Jupiter-Mercury (05/22/2012). I probably will mark an event or major event, which is even more marked in the conjunction of Venus-Sun, as mentioned by the Maya, as a moment that will determine the final events to the 21/12/2012. While the Moon-Lilith conjunction has no negatives, but positive Pluto, Mars and Mercury, may be the case appear old internal problems, whether emotional, sexual, mental, material, and they can be faced and solved strong will and mental clarity. But family problems may arise that have been stuck there for a long time and definitely have to be faced and solved. From the political point of view is likely to come to light things that have remained hidden and that large mobilizations of people to protest or discontent, and that somehow threatened the government of someone. Beware of business proposals and contracts of all kinds!, Should be reviewed very well what is signed. This day may be the preamble of many future events and significant.
RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer.
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