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26 de Julio, 2013    General

Isabel de la Fuente, and the Awakening of Consciousness.

Following Isabel de la Fuente, (Seer and Channeler), for his footsteps, in his walk through the world, spreading the message conveyed and transmitted to all humanity, "Awakening of Consciousness" bringing hope to this planet and manipulated those who inhabit it, on the future of future events and transformations that occur, or rather already started to happen, both material and spiritual. Now our turn to be part of these great events, awareness, individually, to recognize our roots aliens, genetic manipulation, mistakes in DNA damage, the ambition of the gray etc. let us not conveniently evolve or the planet and humans. We are one step that major change occurs, fall large structures, such as economic, religious etc. and shift the earth's axis causing endless admosfera changes, weather etc.. I finally allow humans will evolve and return with all the experience to their place of origin and the planet healthy.

We can see the videos on youtube of different years

and 2013

We can also go on their website

Very important is the awareness of where we came from and remember who we are.

It is in each of us publicize these issues, which many are doing as books of Being One (also on audio book and youtube videos), etc. Urantia books.

In all of them you will find all the information you want to know and free of the origins of the earth, humans, changes as the universe is organized, etc..

Participate reporting these issues and do not be afraid to talk to your friends or family and research in the books as it becomes aware and connected with spirit guides entities. We are all potential channelers, psychics, have to raise consciousness and put the attitude and the will to evolve to a better planet, fair, just and true, with peace and love.

 Transforming Emotions in Feelings

 Transmute the EGO in Self-Esteem

 Convert the life in a conscious reality

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