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02 de Mayo, 2015    General

Full Moon of Taurus 03/05/2015

The Sun is in the 4th house and the Moon in the 10th house, so that situations of home and family, related to the profession or success, and also the past with the future. It can mean the end of a process of family, emotional, or otherwise associated with past situations, related to the possibility of succeeding in the future, perhaps things that were locking the future are understood, or some experience marks a profound change in the direction to follow. The moon and sun are in inharmonious with Jupiter, ambition or want large-scale projects can be great, but does not give the resources to achieve them, is like being very thirsty and not have water to drink; can cause marital conflict, social problems and problems in the profession. Globally may indicate few resources, problems with commercial bag barriers in international trade, falling from a bank or financial institution, a country can be declared in default, it can also be the fall or departure of a senior economist, separation a real couple or important partner in the political area. The Saturn square Neptune continues to produce psychological and physical conflicts, some people may indicate depression, melancholies internal losses, virus problems, foot problems, problems in the veins and arteries, or the circulatory system. Continue the chances of problems by torrential rains, floods, large demonstrations water, problems with large ships, planes fall, nature problems in generally, etc. Venus makes Trine Midheaven so it is likely that an actor or actress, musician or artist achieved fame scale.For different signs:Aries tensions continue and the brakes are very required, but Saturn from Sagittarius gives them balance, fairness, consistency, reliability and stability they need. set possibility of achievements with the couple or couple. For some plans of marriage or stable partner.Taurus is likely to be at an end of family situations, and situations in the labor area, marital tensions, but with many opportunities for sexual activity.Gemminis good time in the area of ​​creativity and finance, and with good chances of social, professional success, career, and especially some can achieve fame in art, music, or acting.Cancer good time in labor and social, deep contact with the couple, growth in love and work. The wheel of fortune accompanies them.Leo is helping the energy of Jupiter, in every sense, good social time, and in the area of ​​the couple. Some may end a relationship and start another, chances are structured with the couple a new direction to follow, and can be projected into long into the future.Virgo are very focused on their own changes and reforms, perhaps good expectations in the profession or work, solutions to conflict situations. And some travel possibilities, and very positive spiritual moments.Good time to pound the area of ​​spirituality, travel, research, education, profession, popularity, social success, achievements with the couple, or as conjuncta. Perhaps coexistence plans or plans of marriage.Scorpio good time in the social area and the profession, perhaps significant changes in the area of ​​family or situations to solve with the past and the couple. The money may not miss and flow, but stabilize expenditure.Sagittarius on the one hand are very demanded psychologically speaking, prone to depression, but there are new projects and possibilities, both travel, work, and even couples.Capricorn on the one hand are as braking, but late situations or relationship definitions are presented, perhaps things will arise very durable achievements in the profession, and solutions in the area of ​​the family.Aquarius good time to act and do, is optimistic and feel very free and independent, perhaps the materials or money achievements give them greater security.Pisces are many insecurities or difficult situations to solve, have a good chance of material achievements and significant changes in the profession and family. On the issue of the couple or love they are as remote or disconnected.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer By letters natles
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