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17 de Agosto, 2013    General

Feelings, emotions, and the vibrational frequencies

As we know, we are all human beings thought energies. This energy is manifested by vibrational states, which are high in terms of feelings relate, and low in terms of negative or negative emotions manifest themselves sick.

Already on waking from sleep, with the first thoughts vibratory waves begin to oscillate, if it is in a high degree, the level of awareness is higher, therefore the reasoning, analysis and decision-making, problem solving. Conversely if the vibration is low, it manifests in a bad mood, the reasoning is limited, partial analysis, and difficulty solving the problems.

If the vibrations are even lower negative states could be facing ill, completely lost consciousness, no reasoning, no analysis vicious circle, finding no solution to the problem, tending to depression, (cancellation of thought), very difficult to recover .

A high vibrational state is very difficult to maintain daily living makes vibratory waves fluctuate high and low, depending on the circumstances, the relationship with third parties, environment, media, climate, society , the emotional ties and desires.

There are other hidden influence in a particular, internal and external.

Through mental energy state of consciousness, controls everything that happens around and analyze and present actions and future plans including variants hypothetical results when a problem has multiple solution options, in addition to the negative moments, transforming them into positive.

How do you do?

First analyze the daily behavior.

Second criticism with sincere emotion.

Third acknowledge mistakes and their solutions and / or replacement.

Last not repeat the negative state.

A higher state of consciousness in each act, the higher it will vibrate, with positive thoughts and spiritual uplift. The shares will be analyzed, reasoned and executed with cause and effect positive (consequences, thoughtful and predictable).

Negative thoughts are always accompanied by harmful elements (anger, envy, ambition, greed, revenge, addiction, etc..) Which decreases the level of reasoning, and moves to wrong actions, with unpredictable results, leading to negative states sick where the mind becomes unconscious, with disastrous results, (violence, aggression, destruction, theft, death, schizophrenia, insanity, etc.).

We must know these vibrations both in one and also in the others. In this way we can control the one to keep us affects that of others to be in a optimal level of consciousness.

We will expand this topic in more detail and how to fix it when it happens.

 Transforming Emotions in Feelings

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 Convert the life in a conscious reality

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