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19 de Agosto, 2013    General

08/21/2013 Leo Full Moon

The Sun is in house 3, in conjunction with Mercury, and the Moon in the 9th house, conjunct Neptune. This day is special for those in the area of ​​education, in all areas, and for teachers of all kinds. This influence is great to learn, understand, investigate, delve, delve, in all matters relating to knowledge, whether material, psychological, spiritual, etc.. Good time for writers, artists, and all that are expressed in oral or written form. It is also an excellent time for those who are in the spiritual area, the depth you can reach by the conjunction of the Moon and Neptune, both in perception, clairvoyance, mediumship, astral travel, intuition, and psychological depth Jupiter , Pluto, Uranus, and Venus are in quadrature, making a square cross in the cardinal signs, indicating great social revolution, or great social crisis, and large mobilizations of people. On the other hand Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, the Moon and the Nodes make positive each other, means the great effort that can be put in to remedy the situation countries worldwide, especially the lack of work, can be a consensus wanting global course correction, otherwise you can not subsequently corrected to remain so, because the above may not profit from anyone, if anyone has resources. It can be a point of international integration.

For different signs:

Aries is between success and failure, with great potential to achieve great things in particular in the profession, this will depend on your patience, and accepting the current situation, and adapt to changing what happens.

Taurus continues associated with the past, removing old things, but continues with his usual force and inertia to keep going, achievements of the family, especially the children, if any. Possible long journey. Tend to take refuge in the spiritual.

Gemini is between dark and light, first clear your mind where you want to go and do, but otherwise the situation is putting in an uncertain future, may need to take a little break or distance situations to understand and resolve.

Cancer has a lot of pressure on the one hand, both familial, social, labor, but otherwise have a lot of strength to move forward. Mars will give you extra energy, especially sexual. Much sexual magnetism.

Leo good time to have achievements at the money or legal problem solving, good time for studying, and to those who write books, or use the spoken or written, excellent time to express and create ideas.

Virgo your best friend is your family and your home, which will shelter all, good time to study or learning.

Libra Venus passing by your sign can make them flash, love, lots of social activity, but on the other hand cut with relationships, change jobs, or having to change things for the great social change. Many rebellion.

Scorpio is firm and stable in its objectives, structure and consistency seriously strong. Your children are part of their world and objectives, tends to a strong bond with them. Achievements of the children, support them, or personal travel or to them.

Sagittarius good time to labor, and recover from illness.

Capricorn good work situations. Possibility of high achievement, internal stability to battle. Perhaps insecurity with your partner, situations can lead to generate the required changes by others, especially by the family.

Aquarius is perhaps the fate of helping or propping, helps the couple, couple good time, lots of love, living together proposals.

Pisces lot of social activity, strong intuition, deep feelings, good time for all spiritual activity, sports, travel, and studies.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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