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01 de Julio, 2015    General

Cancer full moon 01/07/2015

This Full Moon occurs between the houses 5 and 11. The Sun is in conjunction with Mars, so the sexual, the passionate, temperamental outbursts, little patience, mood swings, but with great conviction and determination. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and what they can produce is wanting to have control or power over the situation, or want to have power over others, may be a good time to be social achievements, have social acceptance. These conjunctions are inharmonious the Lunar Nodes, so the targets in the area of ​​the economy international this very or not the correct way forward crisis, or countries that want to maintain power over others want to follow in their attitude to press or disorient lower resource countries, somehow the power can not be fully employed. Oppositions of Mars - Pluto often cause explosions or destruction of all kinds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, attacks, armed conflicts between countries and even internal armed conflicts, can also produce along with the dissonant Uranus strong all kinds of winds, torrential rains, plane crashes, scientific, falls, blows of all kinds.For different signs:Aries try not to be violent or aggressive reactions may be excess stress, nevertheless could have new solutions to the economic situation, possible new job, or changes in labor, good time in the spiritual. Travel.Taurus is alert to your mind, good time for students, and those who need to solve legal stuff. Short trips.Gemminis mentally good time, good times in the sentimental, they can consider any new relationship if you do not, family reunions, plans moving house or buying a home.Cancer temperamental much intensity, very focused on yourself, try not to have explosive reactions, do not spend more, care resources, Largue is not illusory or false illusions. Very intense sexual.Leo for a good hand when the couple, with much love and unity, good working time, but obstacles can be with seniors or bosses.Virgo good time to social issues, and also in the area of ​​the couple, a loving touch fortunate.Libra can be situations that are stopping your destination or current decisions, be very careful what you do and health too. Also beware of contact with negative and violent people.Scorpio good chances to travel, spiritually good time, achievements in studies.Good time for teachers.Sagittarius may have significant achievements, both in labor and in the profession, but under heavy pressure.Capricorn much emotional intensity, desire to want to control everything, some family conflict, and the issue of money.Aquarius very required by all, wanting to isolate some others, a little stress.Pisces intuition is full, its very deep feelings, and somewhat relieved by a few days, they want to keep some control over everything, a lot of intensity in the sexual, perhaps they are ending a life cycle.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer . By birth charts to
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