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14 de Julio, 2015    General

Cancer New Moon 15/07/2015

This New Moon Cancer would focus on the personal, creative, ambition, speculation, intuition, organization, family, children, grandparents, the structure over time, the power mature through responsibility , acquiring stability through family ties. International ties may, on the one hand to achieve a harmony for a short period of time, but can balance a little earlier crisis, may emerge a major political and also an important, but coldly ambitious emotional and spiritual leader. For some people these days can be of significant achievements in the work area and the pursuit of money, commercial expand, or social acceptance and popularity. It may be the case of marriages by interest, especially in the areas of people a lot of money or power, or some rule. There may be economic breakdown of some countries, some banks fall or drop the bag.For different signs:Aries the biggest problem may be in the area of ​​money, problems with children or expenses with children; memories strong, you are probably facing old problems that have been dragging so far.Taurus is less pressure than in previous months, good time to study and good time to interact with many people, and good relations with the family.Gemminis home and family are the most important things at this time, perhaps a possibility of significant achievements of money, and ability to travel.Cancer is a very big dilemma for major changes aside, possibility of trips, much intuition, and other economic problems and obstacles in the goals, maybe problems with children.Leo is on the one hand with economic problems, but with many new perspectives or the possibility of facing new commercial projects. Perhaps a deep love, but with obstacles.Virgo good potential partner, a proposal of marriage, good social relations, popularity.Libra period of profound reforms which the new targets will remain to be made, and will have a renewed strength. Inheritances.Scorpio is likely to have some inertia or stability, with travel probability not provide expected, major projects and few resources. Problems with superiors, or beat them to resolve things.Sagittarius is like facing everything alone, but has good moments of achievement, both in the profession and commercially, success in general.Capricorn very depressed in all areas, try not to overspend, and health care and much more aggressive towards others, perhaps your partner attitudes yearlings.Aquarius tends to be alone or with little desire to be with others, you need to replenish internal energies, and solve internal problems.Pisces are within distension days, for a period of time things like water flow of Pisces, and luck accompanies them.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologerBy birth charts to
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