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23 de Agosto, 2014    General

Virgo New Moon 08.25.2014

 Virgo New Moon 08.25.2014 14hs13´

This New Moon in Virgo is much more positive than what has been going on for this year, even though the situations are quite complicated astrological yet. This New Moon is in the 9th house making everything about the spiritual, travel, abroad, learning, and teaching, reaching higher knowledge, to investigate deep Self, Virgo here serves as a purifier and analyst of the inner, observation and self-awareness increases. See all the details that we miss by being immersed in the daily life. It is good time to go to an analyst, a psychologist, a floral therapist, massage, light therapy, etc. Neptune's opposition to this new moon could produce insecurity, unconsciousness, loneliness, excessive illusions or fantasies, phobias, disturbed dreams or nightmares, fears, negative or involuntary astral experiences, feelings of abandonment, this may make you want to leave store studies or wanting to leave the profession, can produce all kinds of disappointment or feeling of inner defeat; somehow you can have all those negative things we have within us, as a mirror appear. Saturn is conjunct Mars in Scorpio, this means that it can make and build things with great strength, perseverance, honesty, stability, awareness, honesty, etc., the positive aspect of Mercury gives more rational force to see details and to reach a concentration of optical and objectives, you can reach deep levels of rationality to solve mental and psychological problems, and grow in the plane of spiritual understanding and knowledge in general is a very good situation or influence to those in the area of ​​research, especially in the area of ​​the mind and brain. Saturn - Mars are in inharmonious with the Black Moon and Venus so emotions can express themselves coldly, with some kind of blockage or problems with speech, also may tend to marital conflict situations, or emotional crises with explosive tendencies or extremists, or dictatorial tendencies cohesive, fair situation for those who like to use others for their own selfish benefits or, or selfishness may be in action or exacerbated. It may indicate the loss, death or fall of some politician despite his extreme ambition can not control the situation and be discovered in his fraudulent representations or oppression. This astrological situation leads people to act recklessly or risk sharply, to act without responsibility or respect for life, to risk his life in actions that can lead to death to feel adrenaline. From the global point of view, there may be armed confrontations, wars, attacks of all kinds, by the emotional coldness of the day. 

For different signs: 

Aries is likely that situations with family and family background is not the best, memories make relationships to distance. are likely to have sexual encounters with someone from the past, a love that sawed its doors. Social expansion or much social contact. 

Taurus are very focused on finances, emotional stability, children and work, the situations may be leading to stress for wear. 

Gemini many social relationships, hard work, with a good chance of loving touch, good time for artists and sculptors, singers, writers. 

Cancer new Moon will demand changes in attitude, many retraining and health care much. Good time to do commercial companies. 

Leo's can generate changes or travel abroad, connections with others, but must guard against the deceptions and delusions of love, perhaps significant achievements, and good luck. 

Virgo good time to analyze yourself and the environment, intelligence and observation are strengthened, try not to criticize too much, possible long trip for work, contract or spiritual matters and legal issues. 

Libra great time to work and profession, time to receive recognition for their actions, prestige, money and profits. Maybe a relationship of employment. 

Scorpio much force to act and build your destiny, perhaps sex more, serious or reserved person. Beware accidents, violent behavior, jealousy, or irrational attitudes. separatist tendencies. 

Sagittarius has an excellent positive moment, optimism, sports action, recovery from illness, very lucky. 

Capricorn despite the tensions that are suffering, good time to resolve legal situations and perhaps new labor contracts, gains momentum of money. 

Aquarius good economic times, required in his act, but must guard against the emotional and legal betrayals eye with new contracts signed or whatever. 

Pisces tendency to melancholy or lack of support, feeling of loneliness. Relatives conflicting situations, disappointments, or confusing situations. 

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 

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