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01 de Septiembre, 2014    General

It is time to awaken

It is time to awaken 

It's time to change the world with our thoughts 

Thought is the life force that tells us our existence and also the connection to the universe. Let us not be manipulated by the media, whatever official or misinformation on the Internet, change our thoughts coherently and positively, away from vices and everything we produce negative emotions and take us away from reality. Focus your thinking of you and how to break free of all that binds you and not let you be happy, it was all manipulation as you should be, as should dress etc, and start being yourself, as SER, whatever you want SER, all done with thought and strength of embodiment thereof, it was all duality, beyond all fear, out all manipulation of what you are not, or should be, it's time to be like everyone else is, starts from you, from within, and removes all that lock you to be yourself and do not listen to those who want to divide you and guide you dualities thought is the force of creation and we are the force that can also create, so we can create a healthy, beautiful and beautiful as our planet we are inside, and expel from our minds everything that does not, do not let enslave us governments and minds that want to take over our potential as thinking beings, begins with you , from within your being, improve your body by consuming natural products GMO free, clear your mind with positive thoughts and flees polluters with negativity, and finally nourish your spirit to combat the negative emotions that sicken the body, weaken it and make it vulnerable to physical and psychic diseases. With that contribute to a healthier and better world 

Transforming Emotions in Feelings 

  EGO transmute in Self-Esteem 

  Turn life into a reality conscious

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