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30 de Agosto, 2012    General

Virgo Full Moon 31/08/2012

The full moon occurs between 9 houses the Sun, Moon and 3, with good aspects of Pluto and Mars and Jupiter inharmonious aspects. This moon appears associated with the spiritual, travel, international connection, sports, and everything related to student activity, and intellectual activity. The Moon is conjunct Neptune and Chiron, so intuition, perception, depth of emotion, be full; support Pluto and Mars give a depth unusual for everything related to psychical research and spiritual, and everything related to esoteric activity, clairvoyance, astral travel, scientific research, art, cinema, painting, writing stories, actors and actresses, etc, reaffirmed in the ascendant in Sagittarius and the Midheaven in Libra. Sun in the 9th house in good aspect with Mars and Pluto, give the impression of great strength, dynamic, and concentration, up Psychical consent capacity, and greater willingness to handle the situations of the environment and oneself, are special moments to put all personal strength goals, with the power of reasoning typical Virgo, and the help of the psychic, plus the ability to fix all those things that may be in crisis, and lead them to know. It's a great time for students and teachers, and all who are in the area of ​​research. It is likely that higher goals are achieved in scientific research, particularly with regard to energy, particularly unstressed, may generate some form of free energy without pollution. Sexual activity can be increased significantly, and the number of pregnancies and abortions. Squaring Jupiter generates the Sun and the Moon, from the casa7, may cause an excess of ambition, or of wanting to achieve goals and not have the resources or spend too much of what you have. May indicate a tendency to scams or deceptions plots usury or economic. There will be attentive to what is in cases of contracts signed by the falsehood that generate some positions of the planets, the Sun and the opposition with Neptune, Saturn square to Venus, and the square of Jupiter to the Sun and the Moon, joined the Uranus-Pluto square. Maybe some important politician or economist important, have a setback or serious problem, which leads him to have to leave their management or the people will lose their management. It may also be the case that a multinational financial institution to fall or abdicate its function, or a country has become bankrupt or collapsing economy. We will have to take care of the intestines, pressure, kidneys, pancreas, veins and arteries, and any viral activity, this might have a proliferation of viral infections. Remain valid telluric activities of all kinds, as well as the large mobilizations of water, floods, tidal waves, floods, etc.

For different signs:

Aries can this doubting his way forward, and this seeing very clearly to what to adjust, especially in the area of ​​the family. The past may be weighing way too. But Jupiter is giving you the opportunity to expand their horizons, and keep fighting Aries usual, perhaps find support or assistance in your partner, or find a partner to help.

Taurus is very focused on the daily job of the children and work this into a routine that can not stop or give up. Are somehow their props emotional and material security.

Gemminis may not be the best time to study or segir a career, or you may have some obstacles to continue in that direction, perhaps because of family problems or relationship. The costs can be in excess of the couple. Beware deception or betrayal of the couple, because it tends to be deceived or commit. But has the wheel of fortune that accompanies it.

Cancer wants to have everything under control and personal power, is a time of change and transformation, but desepciones may be at hand, or the frustrations generated by not having social and profecional response to genuine abuse, or perhaps a superior to you stops or hinders somehow.

Leo must take care of health and nerves, especially not to fall into a deep stress, which can lead to depression. The psychological and environment situations you may be exceeding their management and personal will.

Virgo must guard against colds and viral problems, and the betrayals and deceptions, especially the female type. But time has a superb lucides abatalladora mental strength, and to increase its resources and potential in every way. Strong sexual magnetism. Good time for students and depotistas.

Pound was a great time of achievement and readjustments, achievements in the profession, achievements of money and maybe fame. It can reach heights that were closed at other times. The legal situations or family problems may be hindering or clouding the momentum of pound; maybe a heartbreak.

Scorpio has no doubts, no brakes at this time, has all the strength and ability to operate its objectives lit, and keep all his personal control and social environment. Special for politicians, psychologists, scientists, doctors and surgeons.

Sagittarius strongly continuous and optimism, is a very good time for the physical and spiritual, is a good time for physical activities and sports.

Capricorn can make you feel renewed strength and personal power to the intuition and intelligence to the fullest, with full sexual capacity. You can have a great time or money opportunities and professional achievements. Despite what you may be experiencing problems at home.

Aquarius can this as an inertia in every way, just try not to overspend, however has very good chances of success econominicos, but not to reach its full independence. Individuality at this time does not help too much, this is probably a little lonely in their goals.

Pisces is with the lights on in full with intuition, perception and clairvoyance, you may have deja-vus or having prophetic visions, or has a vision of what today with a clarity unusual, take advantage of this wave of force and positive energy that accompanies them. However tends to be betrayed and to commit deception, note that everything is paid in life. It's a great time for students and artists.

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