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01 de Septiembre, 2012    General

North Node in Scorpio 09.02.2012

This day enters the North Node of the Moon in Scorpio, and its opposite the South Node in Taurus, will be there a year or so it is time to progression, and does it in reverse or retrograde, or going backwards from zodiac signs. Enter the North through the 5th house, and the South by the 11th house. It means that there is a renewal of the objectives that are brought from a previous life or an earlier time, with or materialistic structure materializing, with the necessity of making material things, or what failed to materialize. The South Node indicates that what could not be done specifically on the one hand, will tend to make it happen, you can also display all the weakness of what is not a fact or not concrete or unsure of our actions, and also all those things that were still pending because life is short, and also the inertia force that puts the Taurus can help realize goals or realize all goals. It is likely to appear unusual or unexpected situations, or different direction that was going. The North Node Scorpio may indicate that give depth, power of action, concentration, and ability to manage situations. Scorpio will always all or nothing, so they may be having an unusual attitude of inner strength to reform and organize our lives. The fact that this in house 5 makes the creative self help to handle situations, and the personal self is appreciated, and can prosecute with great force or power, for this cause everyone who is in a position of command or power will largely benefit, especially politicians and financiers of the world, and those with large-scale businesses, or industries, or those associated with the field. Leo Ascendant and the 2nd house in Leo, the main thing will reaffirm the economic and political situation in general and personal strength individually.

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