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12 de Marzo, 2012    General

Venus-Jupiter in conjunction 3/14/2012 (luck)

This combination occurs in Taurus in house 2, in conjunction
also with the Black Moon in good aspect to Pluto, Chiron, Neptune,
Mars and the Moon dissonant. Venus is less beneficial, which is
of love, beauty, decisions, the couple, the social,
art, music, the connection with things through the
feelings, Jupiter is the largest charity, has to do what it
large expansion, spiritual, travel, sports,
learn and then teach, languages, etc.. Both when they are
together provide every opportunity, luck, growth, achievements
of all kinds, both spiritually, materially, the sentimental, the
travel, sports, music, art, and endless
opportunities. In house 2 and the material achievements of money can
ever flowing, and Taurus more, it rarely occurs
conjunction, about every 12 or 13 years, so it's a very good
time to realize all these things that have not been able to do
at another time. Give you the feeling you can achieve everything, and
may have the feeling of tranquility and security that can be
achieve what you want. As Venus is the female character, and
Jupiter male character, usually produce much magnetism
relationships and to couples with a deep love and are
very fruitful, so the relationships are born here tend to end
in marriage. May be the case the marriage of a tycoon
money, or a prince or king, or anyone associated with the money,
music, art, sports, and even the spiritual path. Can be
For appearing musicians and artists, athletes who achieve a
internationally renowned. Also the emergence of a leader
political or spiritual that you can get a large scale, or even a
leading economist. This can be the starting point for large
economic solutions on the planet. But we must be vigilant
also to deception or fraud, because the Black Moon accompanies almost
perfect way to this combination as beneficial, may be the case
people who get to do any thing without scruple, to
reach their goals.
Ricardo Zani astrologer

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