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04 de Marzo, 2015    General

Venus - Uranus conjunct 04/03/2015

This conjunction Venus - Uranus generates a kind of deep love, one side can be expressed selfishly want someone to love forever, with lots magnetic attraction to attract relationships, and secondly a humanitarian attitude, wanting to give everything of themselves to help others. It is likely that many demonstrations of humanitarian groups generated in helping others. Generally relationships initiated with Uranus involved are usually very strong and intense, but then when its influence goes, a particular effect, which can cool everything as if he had never felt anything occurs, and away from the person who is so intensely he loved. This combination is accompanied by Mars and Lunar Node south, so the intensity of emotions and sexuality is at one end or peak, or the need to want to have a partner or have a relationship of love and sexuality, can be very extreme; and may be based on memories of a couple that tube in the past, or some couple of the previous life, so there may be reencuetros, with old relationships. It may also mean that old potential or abilities begin to develop or manifest in some way, it can also be goals that have long begin to develop or actualize. Science, art, mechanics, technology in genral, electronics, have a superb time of astrological influence. As this occurs in conjunction Midheaven means you can achieve unusual achievements in the profession, work, in labor, profits from money, fame or social success, etc. You may skip a stranger to fame or to be extremely successful, or have a great political and economic power. It can also mean that you are being born or begotten a being with these characteristics of political, economic, scientific, humanitarian capacity, and a deep mgnético attractiveness. It can also mean that an actor or actress, or singer reaches a transcendent fame. It can also mean that a major political need to stop his reign or office, and a new character appears in international politics. There may be sharp declines in the stock market and international trade, and other riches to be achieving reach jurisdiction of the ordinary.RICARDO M. Zani astrologerBy birth charts to
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