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04 de Marzo, 2015    General

Pisces Full Moon 05/03/2015

In this Full Moon, the Sun is in the 10th house, and Moon in the 4th house, so spiritual, career, personal success, the situacioes of home and family, brothers, present, past, and future, are at the point of action, or the most important. Both the Sun and Moon are in inharmonious with Saturn (which is in the 7th house), so a couple situations can have a break, especially those who are together a long time ago. It can mean the end of a political process, or a political system as either reigns or communism, which tend to end, or political longtime your system is already outdated or outdated, can also be the end of an opposite response of the people or nation . On this day we must be very attentive to the betrayals and deceptions of all kinds, we must also pay close attention to the mood, because you can have a senzación of defeat, depression, anxiety, melancholy, trends in extreme loneliness or separateness , abandonment, etc. On the other hand we have a great conjunction of Mars, Venus, Uranus, and South Lunar Node, which can produce a tendency to want to experience a couple, and generates an extraordinary magnetism in sexual and loving, with the possibility of having a meeting with someone who was a partner in a previous life, or an encounter with someone who was in the past couple of this life. Couples who gesten here may come to exist for long on one hand, by the level of passion and affinity in every way, but uranium can be very cold, and in an instant drop everything. Pluto is squaring this quadruple conjunction, so it is complicated situations, political, economic social level expected, giving the possibility of social conflict, attacks of all kinds, explosions, assaults type, deaths en masse, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, uracanados winds, etc. The Saturn square Neptune, Moon and the Black Moon, may indicate problems in religions or between religions, political or nations; can also produce large waves, heavy rains, floods, problems with boats or ships, also what is under the sea or marine world may be being affected, and submarines as well.For different signs:Aries can be a very intense moment, many emotions, a lot of creativity, much sexual magnetism, possibility of deep love and new social situations that can change a lot relations. Proposals of all kinds.Taurus is a good time to rest or move away from conflict situations, it is good time to reconsider, analyze your life and not do much.Gemminis one hand have as much optimism and desire to do everything, but otherwise the situation may be apremiendo much, or squeezing enough. Do not expect much from your partner. Separatist tendencies.Cancer is like a very compelling moment, very required or pressured by their situation, but with very good chance of material gains, earnings of money, but with family obstacles.Leo is like a paradise compared to others, exelentes possibilities in every way, good family time, solving major problems, good chance of dating, and even marriage proposals.Virgo household situations can be a little confusing, or difficult to face, eye to cheating. Many family memories.Libra the most important goals are associated with home and family, important things can be achieved, but under pressure, are likely to find a sleeping potential and reactivate its margnetismo Attraction.Scorpio situations with children and finances are the most outstanding, good time to intuition or persepción, ability to travel.Sagittarius hard pressed by situations, health and moods. They may have good working and professional results, very good time in the area of ​​the couple, maybe a deep love.Capricorn possibility couple, or good time in the area of ​​love, but eye health, paying much attention. Good time in the spiritual area, deep persepciones.Aquarius good momenyo for studies, some dating possibilities, good sexual magnetism, nesecidad to make big changes, especially in the psychological area. Good time for students.Pisces opportunity to travel, good times for students, great intuition, busy especially for athletes. eye with the sea and rivers, or water trips.RICARDO M. Zani astrologerBy birth charts to
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