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14 de Noviembre, 2013    General

Venus - Pluto conjunct 15/11/2013

This occurs conjunction in Capricorn in the 6th house , the work and health. It's a very interesting combination of feelings, self-management or self-control, the need to want to reform or transform the feelings , or somehow have a greater self-control, is a time to keep a check on the feelings and social relationships and loving . Emotions can be prosecuted with great force and conviction, especially for those who are somewhere or driving control of companies or businesses , or economists. As is in the 6th house is a good time to reform or make good changes in the workplace of the countries overall. It also may indicate major reforms to the social, or society in general will make change happen to be massive , and politicians have to respond fully to the requirements of the people. People power will fully listen . It is in good aspect to the Lunar Nodes , so that control over personal and group projects can be ordered and executed. It probably is brewing a new order or target for the world's societies , societies that participate much more active and en masse. You can open very deep and loving relationships under the joint action between them , it is as if they are directed towards the same cause and work as a single power or action, through the strong bond that this can generate , it may be that the relations of couple look much more cohesive and integrated. It will create new commercial or industrial societies .

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