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15 de Junio, 2013    General

Vegetables and raw seeds synonymous with energy and life.

It is time to radically change our diet, we can no longer make the look to the side, and continue to ignore the bad eating habits, lead to disease, whether physical and psychological. No need to watch the news, Internet, magazines, etc.. Just look around and see how our family members sick, fat, or become malnourished eating toxins, preservatives, stabilizers and many (.... before), are chemicals, all they do is that after a graduate, you prescribe more chemicals to neutralize you have in your body and do so much damage, fixing on one side and destroying the other. If you do not see this, get tested, get into a supermarket and find foods section of well-defined two zones, the fresh and processed products, in the elaborate look at the labels have if they find one that does not carry a chemical, including dairy, saving only some are frozen vegetables, fish or shellfish. Everything else takes an aggregate, something that changed in composition, or in handling, not to mention the canned food. The easy life, without preparation, fast foods restaurants pseudo garbage (so-called restaurants), with hard-origin oils where an unknown number of fried potatoes, however, because it is cheap and it will consume.

The consumption of raw vegetables will radically change your life, you will see that the fatigue disappears, because it uses living cells and the body processes naturally. Fruits provide sugar and minerals that some vegetables do not have seeds and raw balance of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals essential to the body and especially the brain. Outside the industrial bread, bread and rolls, sweets, and all that takes in its development with chemicals.

 There is so much information online about it, until it has been shown that diseases like type two diabetes is cured in 30 days eating only raw vegetables.

This is just like quitting smoking, you have to put will and consciousness of how important it is for our body, there are plenty of groups (vegans, vegetarians, etc.) that provide knowledge of the subject and also recipes to make.

"Do not ever feed them something you know it is." "Man has been used to stimulate the pleasant pleasure through unnatural elements. Consumerism and pleasure sensations, makes you well, because he no longer able to feel it by other means, then artificially caused pleasure in your brain to believe happy. "(The Be One).

The wide variety of vegetables, grains, seeds and fruits is immense, you can mix without any problem, they can add seasoning with spices, oils can be consumed (olive, sunflower etc pure without chemical additives), natural juices, liquefied, processed etc. with recipes themselves or others, with endless combinations. Also products like potatoes, beets, broccoli, zucchini etc, peeled and grated, mixed with other vegetables and vegetables are very rich and do not need any sugar or chemical to consume. The nuts and raw almonds exquisite accessories in daily nutrition and improving brain function.

Do not be afraid of change, it is your health that is at stake, and that of his family, will change your life, you will lose weight, have more agility, better think, leave other addictions (smoking, alcohol, etc.) will raise your vibration improving their spiritual predisposition, nature loving, respecting animals and make them aware that profit from destroying the health, engaged in something else, in pursuit of human beings to have a better quality of life and a more natural, environmentally friendly.

Change lives for death in health and quality of life. No more need of medical treatment, the principle is that you have to detoxify the body, lemon is the best ally, (there are plenty of articles about this amazing fruit), try a month and never abandon him more.

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