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23 de Junio, 2012    General

Uranus-Pluto square, 6/24/2012

On this squaring and I talked about earlier, when there was for first time in this day occurs on a perfect square, and the astrological situation is quite complex, and quite critical. Uranus is always free or free from everything that oppresses him, or anything that hinders it has to do with humanitarian law, equal for both sexes, has to do with energy as driving or unloading, technically, it scientist, the renewal of things, and so on. Pluto has to do with the power, mass, energy builds up, the masses of people, consciousness, the force exerted on a consent, and somehow the riches and gold. Both quadrature generate social conflicts, political, humanitarian, economic, scientific, energy, and explosive situations, both physical and spiritual and psychological. Uranus Pluto press to mobilize by fatigue or astío of injustice, oppression, and insensitivity of governments today. For this cause will continue doing all kinds of demonstrations in protest of government, is also a situation that forces people to react and that the situation should be forced to change. On this day the sun is added to the square of Uranus and in opposition to Pluto (the Sun in the house 11) making the goals and objectives look even more difficult to achieve or solve, it is likely that the situation of some leaders becomes critical in the extreme, and as this was not enough is added Mars square the Sun, making the situation is critical in the extreme. Also from the day 29.06.2012 (which the Sun would be perfect with both quadrature) to continue the opposition 08/07/2012 Sun and Pluto square Uranus also in opposition to Mars between Uranus and square to Pluto in these days, and will continue until early August. All this suggests that it can produce large riots, mobilization of armies, wars, both within countries, and external political problems of all kinds, economic crisis, stock market crash, big explosions, bombs, mass deaths, murders very important people in politics, also suicides, extortion, etc.. Also the situation may be aggravated by large earthquakes, strong winds, problems with scientific experiments. The conjunction of Venus with Jupiter, which is on the Midheaven, can cause many are benefiting from all this crisis, but as there are square to Neptune, you might separate a real couple, or a president, or that large corporations decide to separate for further guidelines on their own, to see who is and also the relationships between countries, to see who survives the crisis. It is likely that new forms of technology are discovered or developed, but will be used much later in time. Black Moon or Lilith is conjunct the Midheaven, so the economic and political landscape looks much worse than that mat. The Uranus-Pluto square will be until 2019, so do not expect too much from solutions today, but understand that humanity must be mobilized to make those who govern them do what they should do to a company well established and structured around sense. Both Pluto and Uranus have to do with the movement of things and the water, so it's expected big mobilizations of water, tidal waves, tsunamis, flooding of rivers, floods, intermittent rain, etc..

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