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01 de Julio, 2012    General

Cancer Full Moon 07/03/2012

This full moon is between the houses 7 (Sun) and the house 1 (the Moon). The social, romantic relationships and how to face life, are the most important influence. The fact that the Sun, Moon, and Pluto are in bad aspect to Uranus, there will be family tensions, social, especially with siblings. Legal status also may be affected or impaired. It may be the case of large mobilizations of people in protest. You may feel that things are moving as one wants them, but through sheer will and demands can produce great pressure, but will not deliver the expected results. Mars is in opposition to Uranus from home 9, and in good aspect with Jupiter and Venus, so the international situation will be affected by strong legal and economic presinones, and secondly the tendency to generate new business of international relations, that tend to enrich a large scale. Athletes will be favored by this astrological situation which will have great physical strength and good spirits. Also everyone in the area of ​​art, music, writing, singing, traveling or tranportistas, and all you have to do with the deep connection with others and self-expression. Those who may be affected by the situation of these days are the planes, boats and all types of bulk transport evergadura. Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven, and that politicians tend to feel like nothing can touch them or affect, despite the crisis that surrounds them. Neptune is in good aspect to the Sun, Moon, and Pluto, so the intuition will be fully persepción, mixed force of conviction and a deep sense of capturing the situation around us. The posicones of Jupiter and Venus in evil aspect with Neptune and Uranus-opposition Mars can produce a decline in the stock, or cause the breakdown of large companies. It can also produce large mobilizations of water, and problems by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Also brightening or increase dicordias between countries and also the increase of armed conflict. The Lunar North Node is in house 11, so that the objectives remain firm despite the situation, but clearly is not where you are going.

For the different signs:

Aries may have to settle legal matters, especially inheritance, or family problems. The family situation may be unstable, because everything feels like to renew the old, or because it is way too demanding or cohercitivo about what you want from your partner. But the combative attitude will help.

Taurus no longer has the support of Jupiter, but has indirect support from Neptune and Pluto, which will help for many years with the intuition and the ability to manage your life with strong will and conscience. The most important situations are related to family and children.

Gemminis has a lucky time with expanción opportunities in all areas, and physical recovery. Maybe what is failing is the emotions. However there may be new job opportunities, social busy. With odds of finding a mate associated with marriage. Success in the area of ​​art and music, and travel.

Cancer situations where the couple are somewhat unstable, the family may be affecting your relationship and may be depleted in some way pasiencia. Avoid driving way too fast, or have explosive attitudes. Chance of having a new partner or new love, with a tendency to marriage. Many social activity.

Leo has a very active mind and concentrated, is a very good time for researchers, the depth that can cover, is a good time for students and those who have to resolve legal or psychological situations. Have strong combat mental.

Virgo Mars is gone away, on the one hand it relieves stress, but its activity declines somewhat. Perhaps in these days have the possibility of long journey to many sports and activities in the spiritual realm. Possible new areas of studies, especially in higher education.

Libra Mars entry can give them the momentum they are waiting, both work, social, economic, emotional, cultural, etc.. Possibility of many trips and sports activities. Possibility of new partner or new love. Possibility of success in labor or employer. Caring for the lungs. Achievements in politics.

Scorpio and unbeatable good time in profecional, economic, and the projection of all its goals. Friends help or support their projects.

Sagittarius is trying to integrate their projects, but these days with the need to be a little out of external contact and seek the depths of your being to discover more about himself. Very good morning for meditation.

Capricorn is down everywhere, but in these days has the potential to be more together, and with intuition and observation to the fullest. You may be at a time of elections especialmnete associated with the social, and couples in particular, may also be the case you have to choose a new direction económoco to follow.

Aquarius is a very special angle and positive achievements, can have their own igresos, and all the independence and freedom that they love, is a very good time for the labor and economics, very good creativity and implementation of their projects .

Pisces is among the conflicts and resolutions, it's like a wave estubiera them by passing over it, but have the insight and ability to cope with everything, it is likely that Neptune anestecie the situation somewhat conflicting, probably some disappointment by deception. Beware of relationships with married people.

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