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27 de Abril, 2014    General

Taurus New Moon 04/29/2014

Taurus New Moon 04/29/2014 6hs14´

This new moon is in the 12th house in Taurus, intercepted between the 12th house and the ascendant (ie no topocentric house on Taurus) . This may mean that material stability, security materialize Taurus is inactive or temporarily disabled , it is likely that political situations , weather and adversities of the earth, give the feeling of insecurity or that can not be resolved momentarily situation. It is also likely to be a time of self-observation and face the fears and insecurity. The conjunct Mercury makes it possible to go deeper into the psychological and rational. The good aspects of Jupiter - Neptune - Pluto and give a kind of heightened intuition , and greater connection to the spiritual , intuition and the ability to solve complex problems deep . The action continues Great Square between Pluto , Mars, Jupiter , and Uranus , making the crisis continues its action , both in the political, social , economic, inclement weather , volcanoes , high winds , earthquakes , floods , explosions, attacks and plots of all kinds, failed experiments , etc. .

For different signs :

Aries begins to confront , understand and remember things from his former life , and its reactions with default or want to change everything will be greater.

Taurus is a good time to review your life , get some rest, and try to solve the deep problems that has been dragging .

Gemini good time for social contact , and very good run of luck. Beware false .

Cancer good time to expand their economic situation , but under pressure , perhaps solutions legal problems, or problems with siblings.

Leo wants to take refuge in his family to rest of the social, but should be aware of the deceptions and betrayals. Eye with relatives.

Virgo needs to get out more and have sports activities, is likely to have good financial situations. Children can be the center of attraction.

Showing a lot of sexual energy to be channeled , possible new job, which is the target , new directions in life. What else should care is health. Watch your attitude , stay calm.

Scorpio is the transit of Saturn, so is giving them stability, reliability, consistency , honesty , and firmness in their objectives.

Sagittarius good time for social and family , a lot of popularity , and increased creativity.

Capricorn is pressed to change, take care of your health, perhaps new business proposals , or new company, or having to resolve legal problems , or inheritances .

Aquarius possibility of travel , you may have to travel for work issues. Good time to achieve , especially in the profession.

Pisces can be expansion in the feelings, realization of couples, achievements in its economic goals , and labor , good intuition .

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