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19 de Abril, 2012    General

Taurus New Moon 04/21/2012

This New Moon occurs in Taurus in the 12th house, opposite Saturn, and good aspects to Neptune, Pluto, and Mars.
Generally the new moon in the house 12 does make things difficult action or conduct, makes people feel separated from others, or isolated, or otherwise immerses us in the deep solitude of our being, makes us reflect on our problems and interaction with others, also has to do with hospitals and mental institutions, by the action of healing, so it's a good time to do all these health checks, or make therapies for relaxation or recovery of the body, as well as visiting psychologists or therapists to help solve all those things inside are not going well. It is also a good time to take any action in the spiritual, meditation, astral travel, group meetings for spiritual research, etc.. The trend of the fall or death of a president or important political, or the fall of some political regime or nation.There will be wary of scams, deceit, and treachery of all kinds. The trend of drug use will be increased, and excessive alcohol use as well.
There is a sense insegurirad, or that is going somewhere.
For the different signs:
Aries can be a double process, first with new ideas, a lot of creativity, his mind full shining, looking for new horizons of freedom, and with great capacity for research in all areas of science, and humanistic , good time for studies. On the other hand precionado by the circumstances, especially the couple or physical problems, especially stress.
Taurus must care for several months of betrayals, especially among women. It has a turning point in its interior, and if you can take a few days off. It has strong opponents who are
the most demanding. But Jupiter is still helping to expand their objectives and have them concrete.
Gemini has Venus there, so it is with a strong romantic attraction magnetism, and also with many opportunities for social contacts, meetings, parties, etc.. Venus gives great capacity for
creativity in art, writing, oral, musical, and emotional expression.The wheel of fortune accompanies them with luck.
Cancer may have very good options for solutions in the area of ​​money, with good earnings, perhaps a labor contract that will change your life. Legal solutions.
Leo feels he has to spend more time with his family, feels it is his refuge and stability. You may have to give help to his family in some way, which feels it can do, is the king of home.
Virgo while continuing conflict situations that bring about a month ago or more, this moon may be giving new possibilities for legal remedies, labor, social, sexual. May deviate some ghosts who want to stop.
Libra may feel detached from everything, especially the family.Some festivals or distractions can take you to ease the situation.Watch out for pregnancy, the tendency to abortions.
Scorpio a good chance of physical recovery from illness and good prospects in the workplace. Many strength and perseverance. Work can be your health.
Sagittarius is a good time to organize and structure their job or company, a good chance of working achievements, accomplishments or concretions of companies that were trying to achieve.
Capricorn must take care of health problems especially in the nervous system, lungs, and bones. Its greatest virtue is consistency and endurance, which will give much satisfaction. Ability to travel.Achievements in the area of ​​studies and teaching.
Aquarius good time to accomplish all that is mint. Achievements in terms of work or business achievements through the profession, working independently.
Pisces but stands firm and clear objectives, have many situations against, and many people against it. Tends to betrayal or cheating of any kind, either because they do or do. Especially in the sexual area, work and family.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
For tasting native to zanimiguel9 @ gmail. Com
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