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05 de Mayo, 2012    General

Full Moon 05/06/2012 Taurus

This day is important for many people the spiritual world, as it marks the birth of Buddha, having been born on a full moon and is a day for meditation and prayer, to raise the
thought to God the Father in Heaven. Regardless of this the sun is on the up in conjunction with the Black Moon, and Jupiter, as opposed to the Moon in Scorpio is in the house 7. The Sun is in good aspect with Pluto. Do not expect much from this day on a material level, despite the positive aspects of Jupiter, the Black Moon may indicate conflict situations by deception or betrayal, or a conspiracy by someone.
From the worldly point of view this full moon may indicate the end of a process of social or partner, or a very profound change in the way of relating, or a change to the people which it relates. It may also indicate mobilization of people for being tired of the deception of politicians, and the need for a secure material and true. The Sun trine Pluto can indicate new solutions that may be brewing or new policy or
policies, which may be emerging. Also the change of power of any major country, especially economically. Is likely to be difficult or unsuccessful political relations between countries, and with a delay at all. It will tend to the emergence of viral diseases or infectious diseases. It is likely that a person of royalty to marry or create a new relationship.
For the different signs:
Aries despite tensions has great conviction of his ideas ypropósitos, you may have to resolve legal problems especially between couples, and have to resolve things with relatives or
brothers, and may have to give some assistance. Aries is always in the fight.
Taurus has good potential for large profits in the area of ​​money, with opportunities to grow in the business area, but must be vigilant to the betrayals or business scams. Perhaps
separation of partners if any. Also a couple situations that may come to an end.
Gemini has good prospects both in the area of ​​money, as in social, cultural, art, music, singing, and also in the area of ​​the written or verbal. It is good time for
writers of books, because they can achieve popularity. Also for those who study may have significant achievements.
Cancer good relationship with the family, especially parents and children. Requires maintaining unity, because Cancer is their greatest treasure. The memories of the past may be weighing on the
Leo tends to be fully in control of relationships and financial control.In terms of work perhaps some improvement in their situation, and if not working, new job opportunities.
Virgo may have problems in the area of ​​health and labor, may feel desfazado of their destiny, or can not find their way, but this will fade when Mars moves away from the opposition
Neptune in late May. On 7 should take special care of every situation.
Libra may have some luck as the wheel of fortune goes with it, especially in the area of ​​social, cultural, music, singing, and especially the area of ​​the couple. There may be a relationship that is durable, with an elderly person or a serious and responsible.
Scorpio can be the end of a relationship, or to a social situation, perhaps the need for a profound change in his life, and people with which it relates. Take good care of your health. Eye
with risk way too.
Sagittarius must also take good care of your health, you have legal situations to solve, perhaps an inheritance to door. New and renewed ties in the area of ​​spirituality.
Capricorn good time for action in politics, industry, drive through the practicing profession. May be the case for driving a working people.Any link to.
Aquarius keeps its clear goals and feel you should be cautious and patient in the current situation. Meetings with friends can encourage new things.
Pisces may need a deep rest, to refuel, the stress of social relations can be gained down.
It may be these days to be alone with yourself to return to his world and to compare it with others.
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