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17 de Noviembre, 2014    General

Sun-Saturn conjunct 11/18/2014

Sun-Saturn conjunct 8hs50' 11/18/2014

This combination occurs in Scorpio in the 12th house with Venus nearby. It can mean a deep karmic bond, solve difficult situations, especially in the psychological and spiritual area, the body is weak or not fully functioning as one requires. These are days when one requires a lot of inner strength to face internal and external, are likely to reach extreme situations, and also not the way to resolve or resources you have, the disease may be a bit lethargic or are stretched in time, since Saturn has to do with time, the greatest physical problems can be bone and spine, and cardiac rheumatism, here the heart may become slow, and that makes the blood pressure is problem. However the decisions made here may be dictated by the seriousness, safety, and consistency of Saturn, but the results will be long-term. Not a good time for politicians and people of power, because it can mean major setbacks or loss of power, and even the death of a senior politician. Both Pluto and Mars are in inharmonious with Uranus, and inharmonious to the Lunar Nodes, and add the Moon, so you might expect some attack or armed conflict, and the possibility of large explosions, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricane, etc. chances winds that make a social economic crisis, or the stock market crash, the collapse of a bank or financial institution, and even economic breakdown of any country. My advice is to act calmly, without hatred or resentment, because emotions can be triggered at points of extreme action, without thinking of the consequences, emotions can be explosive and cause much damage to those around us, and produce cuts of relationships they have lasted long. Explosive attitudes can cause accidents and falls of all kinds. No act or do extreme sports because the risk can be fatal.

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