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22 de Noviembre, 2014    General

Sagittarius New Moon 22/11/2014

Sagittarius New Moon 22/11/2014 12hs32´

This new moon occurs in the 9th house in Sagittarius, so spiritual, travel, foreign, learning, is the largest influence change, you add the conjunction Venus and Saturn. Venus adds feelings, love, beauty, creativity, spiritual love, love to studies, etc, and Saturn adds seriousness, responsibility, stability, consistency, ability to calculate or organization, order and respect . There may be a problem or conflict in a religious institution, or any religious leader or religious conflicts. Mars and Pluto squaring continue Lunar Nodes and Uranus, so you would expect all kinds of attacks, wars, conflicts in the world economy, explosions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, high winds, etc. You may feel a sense of loneliness or sadness, or have profound disappointments, the astrological situation could show a profound reality and this causes great disappointment. Although the planets in the 9th house that can give the feeling of strength and structures can be sustained or structured, and achieved, and can be structured into the future. Some royal couple may be in crisis or prone to separation.
For different signs:
Aries temperament may be too risque, and your patience to the limit,, beware of the backlash, his tendency to want freedom from oppression can lead them to break relations much data. The force applied in the right way, can lead to significant achievements have money and personal independence.
Taurus is very demanded in every way, especially with family, and the brothers, perhaps lucky breaks in the money, try not to make long trips, because they can be devious or painful.
Geminis very attached to his home and family, perhaps news of new members in the family, possibility of short and long trips.
Cancer what else needs to stay healthy, do not drive too fast, get away from the violent friendships, and violent situations, ability to work, or changes in labor.
Leo good chance of dating and emotional stability, social expansion, but beware the disgruntled with bosses or higher, can be decisive or extreme, try not to travel, especially on long trips. Maybe some proposal couple of successful older person can put in crisis current partner.
Virgo couples who have no might show what is waiting, and it causes the stop, maybe spend some disappointment with someone who wants.
Libra is a time of profound change, perhaps forced by the circumstances, tends to decide the way forward, although not the one waiting. Perhaps more control over your life.
Perhaps Scorpio possibility of travel, many sports activities and deeper into the spiritual achievements in studies, and perhaps new labor contracts.
Sagittarius major changes despite the anguish and loneliness, possible achievements in employment and occupation, heartbreak, love and magnetism, creativity, and popularity.
Capricorn all the passion and sexuality are at full power or action, very, very combative sexual magnetism, very strong execution, but must be careful not to attack or hurt others, reactions can be explosive or extreme, maybe not see the way forward and have everything uncertain, just wait a while for everything to be clarified.
Aquarius their tendency to be independent and act for themselves is full, the wheel of fortune accompanies them. Good time to fully express themselves, and act fully.
Pisces may have days of disappointment or depression, emotions can be somewhat confusing, there are things that can lead to change in attitude. They feel as if carried by the water.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer

Ophiuchus 0 degree of Sagittarius 11/22/2014 9hs38'

I make this observation every year on this space where no fixed stars, in which Nostradamus used to predict what would happen throughout the year, then add it to the predictions. On this day the new moon is also produced, the Ascendant is in Sagittarius and the house 12 also in Sagittarius, thus showing that it is an important day or will be important in influencing until next on the transit of Ophiuchus year . The goals or objectives have changes or the possibility of deep reforms, may mean that the ways forward are more personal, that group or mass; Venus accompanying the sun on one side, giving a touch of softness, love, beauty, creativity, connection with others; Saturn also accompanies the Sun giving righteousness, reliability, consistency, chill, stability, etc. The Sun, Saturn and Moon are in inharmonious with Jupiter and Lilith, so things that want to project a large scale are held back or inability expansion, political or international policy is in conflict or difficult integration, is likely to leave longtime political management or reign, may be the death of a king or president that marks a radical change in international management; the international economy is restricted or prone to breakage or failure. The Sun, Moon and Venus are in inharmonious with Neptune so emotions are in conflict or not connected, prone to psychological crises of all kinds, depression, melancholy, loneliness, disappointment, disappointments, tendency to separation, or disconnection with others, betrayals, double relationships, tendency to emotional escapism through drugs and alcohol, tends to emotional misrepresentation or deceptive or questionable relationships: as Neptune is in the 2nd house is expected the trend to scams or commercial fraud. Mars and Pluto are in inharmonious the Lunar Nodes and Uranus, so it is likely that the power is expressed under stress, extortion and violence, conjunctions Mars - Pluto denote strength, power, great energy, and the need of wanting to control everything, to be inharmonious with Uranus generate a need for independence and freedom or extreme release, deep rebellion, need to change everything and not accept the current situation. This particular day energy comes from the center of the galaxy, without having stars in the middle, so the spiritual energy can be used in these days for spiritual growth, find or approach the union or oneness with the whole or universal Father God, so it is important to consider these days despite the negative of astrological influences, can leverage this time of change that has been brewing, even though the world is not finding the address should the problem of power and ambition. There may be earthquakes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, winds, floods, tidal waves, explosions of all kinds, fire, and all kinds of attacks, as has been happening throughout the year. But the energy here can be channeled into the deepest area of the spiritual, as when us travel by the Galactic Centre and within us follow that inner and personal work.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer


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