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26 de Diciembre, 2011    General

Sun-Pluto conjunct 29/12/2011

The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is in the ascendant, in good aspect with the Moon, Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus in dissonant aspect. When the Sun and Pluto are together and I make the conscious force is released, giving the possibility to have a greater management and control of the will, or to handle situations and goals and will you handle the situations. Provides insight into the situations and the social in general or massive. Those who have it in your birth chart in a prominent position, are usually people who have a special power or special handling in some area of ​​life, especially in politics, economics, managing groups of people, as leaders, psychologists, researchers, psychics, etc.. So this particular day has all these benefits, also days before and days after. Jupiter brings expansion of consciousness and the possibility of greater achievements. Chiron and the Moon will provide a greater connection with people, giving the possibility of even more massive, and intuition is added to the personality. While in Capricorn on the ascendant, it makes Sun-Pluto conjunction is more methodical, serious and responsible, more calculated and well structured, with great force and constancy of action, typical of Capricorn. The square to Uranus makes the rebellion is greater, and the desire of wanting to make extreme changes. In short, the power of the masses or the people will feel much more than this year traveled in the previous year had said, how important was this combination and what they produce during 2011, and so, large mobilizations people to protest around the world, more than other times of the past. This combination will make the 2012, even more profound effect and reaction of the people or the masses of people. It is likely that the world is made or an order to generate even more massive than what exists today. Perhaps all layers or current errors are considered in more massive, either by the economy, society, or bad weather and earthquakes on the planet. It is likely that the events of planet earth has to act quickly and massively to solve the problems presented and are being presented. Scorpio is the ruler of Pluto is in the house 10, in conjunction with the Ferris wheel, giving the possibility of international politics and international economics, to succeed in every way, and resources are directed towards the masses. Otherwise, the revulsions will be massive, and many political leaders will fall or be removed from management, there will be no half-tone, people do not wait longer. As Saturn continues in opposition to Jupiter, is the possibility of the fall of a great politician or death of one, or a king or queen. Will increase separatist tendencies among the nations, or the old rivalries. The Sun-Pluto square Uranus, can produce large and serious explosions, massive fires, serious scientific errors, mucleares explosions, earthquakes, etc..
For charts to zanimiguel9 @ gmail. Com
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