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29 de Diciembre, 2011    General

2012 astrology, planetary transits.

This is a year in my opinion, much lighter and less critical than in 2011, one year I will be more productive, more stable, but with variations or changes. What seems to me if it be some social and economic crisis, the drag of this year, in which the international economic and political chaos have been total, and inclement weather and earthquakes have been increasing. Begin by Mars, which is currently in Virgo, giving strength to the body, mind, and the ability to calculate, to clean or purify and analyze things in life, makes the mind stronger decision or determination, both sexually, as in work, or how to measure and analyze the current situation. Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra on 03/07/2012, in which sexuality and emotions will be enhanced, making them more fruitful social relationships, and relationships increase. Strength and passion together, people give many demonstrations to fight for human rights, social, political, and environmental. Before leaving Libra makes a conjunction with Saturn, making forced world leaders to adjust their mistakes or social and economic problems, otherwise, many will drop or change to the society to which they belong, I think this is one of the highlights of the year to take into account, because that Saturn with Mars to produce the break you need. Mars enters Scorpio on 08/23/2012, this Martian energy acts with full power and energy, especially at the beginning of Scorpio, the positive aspects of various planets, the individualism and sexual decision-making power will be in full swing. So also the ability to handle the force of will, which at other times may be limited or scattered. It is a good time for those in the field of research, whether scientific or psychological, or those who are in the field of crime. Mars enters Sagittarius on 10/07/2012, giving energy to athletes, travelers and students of all kinds. The energy is blending with the muscles causing the action to increase, giving feel like walking and walking everywhere. The activity of the churches and cults of all kinds will be increased greatly. Mars enters Capricorn on 11.17.2012, financial speculation here is mixed with the daring, giving it more warmth and enthusiasm to the coldness of Capricorn. Many people feel risk everything for the success of their companies or shares in life. The interesting thing is that hardly enters Capricorn, Mars is conjunct Pluto (both are rulers of Scorpio), these two forces can generate an endless number of actions and reactions, both political, social and telluric reactions or earthquakes, a large scale. This combination also tends to produce conflict or large explosions, releasing the stored energy. Also the case of countries that tend to want to exercise power over the weak, and that trend in the area of ​​international economics. Mars enters Aquarius on 12.26.2012 causing the erratic individualistic and personal independence being buffed, as well as sexuality or feel free free to act. The square Saturn can produce social crises and riots, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Jupiter will transit the Taurus half year, giving the possibility of gradually improving physical security, commercial, and personal individualism, selfishness will be increased, and for better or for worse. When you enter Gemini on 06/11/2012, that security will be dissipated, to make it start better analyze the way forward in trade, the field, and animal husbandry, as well as public relations begin to improvement, because Taurus is not interested so much to relate, but to win. Students will be helped by this position. For some it will be an improvement in the workplace, with the possibility of having two jobs to see. Saturn is in Libra, and will be there most of the year, making the social, political and cultural rights are removed to the bottom, or lead to the major overhaul that humanity needs, this great crisis, will be tempered by the charitable positions of the other planets, taking on social calmer and more balanced international relations. Saturn enters Scorpio on 05/10/2012, this act at first with the positive aspects of Pluto and Neptune, making the rectitude and severity of Saturn are deeper, and political power is seen as more stable or managing the situations with more stability. Saturn in Scorpio This is not only much more demanding, but can get to act in secret or underhand, so it is expected that many international treaties, political or commercial come to light, and are kept secret . Many plot will be generated on the stay of Saturn in Scorpio. But the patience of the people will come to end, causing expressions extremists, in reality it is very crude traffic. Uranus in Aries will continue during 2012, with the negative aspect to Pluto, this rebellion, strength, or act need to be free, as well as in the sexual aspect, will be in conflict or crisis or ever want exerting force or coercion to others, and impatience to situations, especially to the couple. Sex without commitment will be more action. Lung and sexual problems are the most prominent, as well as problems of calcification. Give the impression that you are not fully free to act, and that way is through force or value, which may not end up giving the required results. Neptune retrograde this year made an Aquarius, and will enter Pisces on 02/03/2012, which fortunately have the positive aspects of Pluto and Saturn. Here Neptune is strong because it is the ruler of Pisces, doing that during his stay for many years, will release a lot of water, making the Lord of the seas begin to act with all its power, this will be yet more profound, making science, spiritual, esoteric, perception, intuition, astral travel, study, act with greater clarity, or otherwise people will feel more attracted to want to find more answers in the spiritual, or felt more eager to know other things that in other times did not give the true meaning or value. The spiritual needs in the area will be amplified. Worse as Neptune also has to do with the nebulous or illusory, many will use to deceive, defraud, or use less knowledge to those who have either posing as beings who are superior, or handle any kind of power. Some people find it manifest power or they were asleep, but as always you have to watch out for the misleading nature of Neptune, or having to know what to do with those powers or manifestations, having to search for those who know most about the subject. In short, Neptune free water, and large mobilizations of the sea, rivers, and rain. Also helps to know more deeply into the psychological and spiritual. Imagination will increase, giving the possibility of improving the actors, artists of all kinds, singers, painters, etc.. The oil and liquid fuels will be those who will make major changes until you get out of there for Pisces in 2026. Pluto in Capricorn will continue in 2012, now and for many years, making the political and economic power is what else will be in action or reform or change, because Pluto always wants to have absolute power as Capricorn, and see always want to make improvements or changes, something that Capricorn does not like, because he likes the constancy and inertia of the already established or what is doing, Plato Capricorn will force reform by governments to change attitude, or make them change their attitude, or be dropped to make the reform. Pluto acts on the masses of people, so there will be a struggle between the masses or the leaders or politicians, for many years, giving the possibility of a new society and a new international policy.

RICARDO astrologer ZANI

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very interesting thanks!
publicado por psychic readings, el 03.01.2012 03:43
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