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15 de Febrero, 2012    General

Sun-Neptune conjunction 2/19/2012

This occurs in conjunction house 5, about 6, and Chiron beside
Mercury in good aspect to Saturn and Jupiter. Neptune the king of the
seas and waters, in these days is at its height in the
year, making an increase in rainfall and tides in the world, and
everything related to water, as the snow, you can see
increased. The problem may be excess water in all
sides such as floods, storm surges very large excess of rain.
Neptune to the Sun can give a deeper insight into
things, greater insight, greater creativity and observation. The
spiritual qualities such as intuition, clairvoyance,
ESP, mediumship, astral travel, the
capturing the akashic records, etc., will be increased, and
those in the subject, have a lucides unusual, and
People will usually not have these potential or
capabilities, can wake up or appear. Neptune also rules
the world of dreams, visions of the future can be and
past, and also different levels dimencionales more
consciousness. It is likely that one tends to sleep more than normal.
As the conjunction of Mercury to Neptune, the conjunction with
Sun benefits stakeholders of both theater and film, the
sculptors, painters, artists, musicians, everything related to the
cinema. For children born in these days, have all kinds of
paranormal abilities, and also for art, especially
related to the film, this also applies to women who are
pregnant these days. Signs of water and land will be very
favored by this conjunction, such as Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and
Out of conjunction, on this day the Moon is in square to Saturn
and Jupiter, so the international political situation will be in
crisis that day, some important policy may have a setback or
tragedy, plots, and even death, or attack. They can continue
social uprisings.
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