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09 de Enero, 2018    General

Sun - Venus - Pluto in conjunction 9-1-2018

This conjunction of the Sun - Venus - Pluto is very important and transcendent, from the political, social, massive, individual or very personal point of view. From the personal point of view it can mean changes in the deep psychological area, with awareness, whether caused by the environment or caused by themselves, it is an excellent moment to make changes in the psychological and sentimental area in a conscious and with the full management of the will and the personal self-management. For some it may be the beginning of becoming aware of the errors that have been dragging along and it has not been possible to take clearly what we have been doing wrong, for other people, which may mean the beginning of deep crises produced by oneself or by the environment. On the other hand it can mean very profound changes in the social area, in a massive way, whether due to political situations, or economic situations in deep crisis, or by telluric events or things produced by the earth or outside it, in any case this event It will mark changes and intense situations worldwide, it can be a before and after, the issue is that if nothing happens in these days, something has been brewing in the shadow or in a hidden way. The political powers will be in their maximum expression, as well as the economic powers through the financial entities and the banks. They can make situations that affect all of humanity in a massive way, and affect it in a psychological and personal way. If nothing happens in these days, this astrological influence will have effect for a long time, it may be marking a new course to follow, be it political, or social, or cultural. They can be very intense moments at a sentimental level or as a couple, there are couple relationships that achieve a very deep and defined contact, with the tendency to define relationships or to begin, or to finish things that are dragging along. For some people it may be the end of psychological problems, the end of a depression, or the end of situations that oppress it psychologically, because it may indicate that changes can be made consciously or with full will. You may discover things that have been very hidden, that come to light in a massive way very covered facts. Realities very crude. From the creative point of view it can be a very good moment for artists, actors, sculptors, painters, singers, stylists, architects, builders, musicians, high fashion, people related to jewelry, with the tendency to fame or magnetic attraction of many people, the inner power expressed with power. In some way this triple conjunction will generate changes in some area of life, whether external or internal, or both at the same time, and will not go unnoticed. For some people it may mean achieving total wealth, and for others total poverty. It may be signaling a change in global economic policy, perhaps a steady decline in the stock market or resources worldwide.

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RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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