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28 de Marzo, 2013    General

Sun - Venus conjunct Uranus 29/03/2013

On this day also brought into conjunction Sun - Uranus, Uranus - Venus, and Venus - Sun, is a very important day at astrology, the great significance that the Sun is connected with these two planets, which have to do with love, one for the couple, and the other that of humanistic, which together can give a great depth in feeling, and the possibility of major events and humanitarian actions. Technical, scientific, mechanical, with maximum power of inspiration and light, great inventions or scientific developments can be developed, or peaking of experimentation. The negative aspect of Pluto can produce scientific papers that are failed or arriving to poor performance, and perhaps a large explosion is the result of errors. From a positive standpoint is an extraordinary moment for those in the area of ​​spirituality, because you can delve into the depths of the self or soul, and reach spiritual levels never before achieved, if we take the direction correct, and no energy is left in the bottom of the body. It is an extraordinary time to transmute and sublimate negative energies to a higher level, despite the controversies of these days. For other days only will many opportunities to sexual or social level, many parties, endless entertainment, dual relationships, multiple couples or deceit, etc.. The huge accumulation of these energies make it go in one direction or another, by the enormous influence astral, and if you have many internal errors or distorted approaches, come to light and are fully expressed in the direction you are focused. These are days that make things work, each person is facing, side wants to go or be. I recommend for those who are in extreme sports or who like to expose his life to extreme situations, try to abstain, not to risk, as the duality of these days indicate that mistakes are very expensive, especially with death; situations can be death by drowning, by bleeding, falls, fractures, head injuries, lightning, earthquakes, high winds, huge waves, and dogas excess alcohol, diseases, and psychological problems ceberos, deaths from bombs and attacks , etc. Although presented as a magnificent day to work in the depths of being, and find God, find your way back home, is also presented as the opposite, the possibility of moving away and completely lost the way of God . There is so much involved in these days that I can not put into words or fully.
RICARDO ZANI astrologer
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Sun - Venus conjunct 03/29/2013

Sun and Venus together or jointly released many possibilities of relationships of all kinds, whether social, loving, cultural, political relationship, intellectual, etc.. Generate a binding contact and refinement, and a sort of embellishment, in which architects and designers are influenced, and may express their full capacity. These are moments which can stress the love with total openness of heart, and are moments in which many couples are brewing and continue through the deep emotional bond that is generated. Uranus conjunction and it accompanies one hand gives universality, humanity, and technical capacity, so scientists and humanists entities will be in full swing, or generate new partnerships humanistarias. Mars also accompanies this conjunction so the strength, energy and enthusiasm are helping deep feelings, and also adds sexual force, which along with Uranus and sentimental sexual magnetism is extreme, given the possibility that many find their sexual and loving couple, perhaps almost unique moment in such a meeting, but for some it will only be temporary, but for others it will be permanent. The wheel of fortune accompanies this conjunction so everything good can be expected. From the negative side may indicate the end of relationships that were not based on love or did not have a good sexual content, is a point of honesty, and total change of direction. Also for some may be the social disgrace or fall from the top, drop some politician or famous person. From a worldly point of view serious international incidents. And the world's climate windstorms, earthquakes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc..
RICARDO ZANI astrologer
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