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02 de Abril, 2013    General

The Spiritual Path

 Awakening is not just about being aware and knowing what is going to happen, it actually means in life and in his three bodies.
They must overcome obstacles,
negative emotions work-sick
overcome vices, bad habits,
eat properly,
have dominion over the thoughts and
work for themselves and others

As you continue distracted, thinking and spirituality are rites
techniques and do nothing to transmute negative thoughts ill, we can not help them. While perceiving and continue watching
rosy reality, we can not do anything for you. As further
denying transmutation and power lifting-thinking or their
souls, we can not help them transcend. The work is individual, but together
others, form a magnetic power armor and vibration
energy so strong that nothing and nobody can beat them.
You must understand that thoughts are energy-high (souls) which
are building out their ship, each by itself will not, be
You need a certain amount and energetic force to take off and go to
where been proposed. You may ask - How
this ship is, how we travel in it? - The ship is the thoughts, each
one of you will build your own ship and these are ethereal
Many of you are behind techniques, methods and knowledge to
do what we've asked - but all they do is activate
extrasensory and paranormal phenomena of the soul, which requests and demands, to
Through its EGO, and certain security checks that are in the
right path and spiritual. Do not do it, it will not lead to the expected path, or communicate with flat or higher dimensions or contact with the Higher Self, which is none other than the spirit.
All you will achieve with these techniques, confirmation and capacity
they are able to.
To get what you crave, you can not do through the
phenomenology, but of spirituality and this way is very different from what
they are practicing.
First you must make an Inside Job Knowledge, Understanding and Love
Second, we will have to work their negative emotions and try to live according to universal standards and especially positive, leave it to the universe, if he decides that you must perform astral travel, be channelers, healers and more, the universe indicated at the right time.
All the above named not opened or activated by techniques
breaths, rites or more, is for work done from life to life, reaching
to merit, or to awaken the spirit. Only then can contact
with our inner city and live accordingly.
Today is provided in the "Market-Spiritual" courses, techniques, songs and rituals
ensuring that through them you reach the channel opening and spiritual may communicate with other realities of life. The gullible and naive people pay for these courses, thinking that reach enlightenment.
Many sadly prove, that even though they practice it over and over again
learned, never reach the Pineal Gland activate and never communicate
with your spirit. Why are wondering and saying - if we
doing everything they showed us, step by step, why are not we
making the opening and why the higher realities do not communicate with
us? - What are we doing wrong for?
"They can do all the techniques they want, can attend all courses in the world, can have all the knowledge in the world, but if that does not accompany it with an authentic life of
Cleaning inside job, where the soul needs to shed the burdens
dragging of life after life, for lack of understanding, emotions
negative-sick, acts, actions and thoughts never wrong ...
reach the goal that have been imposed.
They may have the telephone, the line to use it, but if the number is
wrong, can not initiate communication and contact. The apparatus is
physical body, the line is brain-psychic and the number is your mind-spirit.
Know and find the right number, they require hard work and
deep, just so they can get it and it can get, when ready
and ready, they will be "They" to communicate with you and not you
with them.
The universe does not work the way and manner that you are accustomed
on planet Earth. You get everything through: Contacts,
relationships, advice, friendship, sympathy, kinship, and needs
more. The universe is very different, this always works "Deserving" and
this quality have to win every one of you in the course of their lives, since it must conquer: the will, perseverance, effort, work, faith, steadfastness and patience, in inner work and spiritual.
No desist Brothers, is a hard work but not impossible "and if
get not only communicate with other higher realities, also
can travel and move through the entire universe. Nothing and no one will prevent
what they are entitled: THE UNIVERSE ... tangible and intangible. "

The soul is life and life brings all the wisdom,
from the beginning of creation, it is found in DNA and energy
each life, it adds up his experiences.
The soul despite having the wisdom from the beginning of creation and despite
also has incarnated many times, not a united body, - that when disembodied,
disintegrates their thoughts and energies, they join other energíaspensamientos (souls) which are attracted by marriage, get together, get together and when the time comes, to become incarnate, thereby continuing its eternal existence.
The spirit is different. When being awake and sees his baby-spirit,
this decision and removes the soul what it needs (nutrients-thoughts
positive) and thus builds up your energy body or spirit. In the
disembodies time of the baby-spirit or rather the body-energy
does not disintegrate, contrary, energy is held together and as it
reincarnating from life to life, all you need is extracting the soul, for
continue forming your body and spirit. This body is individual, has
typical characteristics of reincarnation that was acquired in
reincarnation, to form their energetic being.
- The outside does not exist, everything is an illusion, it is only valuable in
heart. Connect with your soul, allow her to speak, listen to,
Be guided. Today and always she's right. The truths and answers
you have them, they just need to be guided by your intuition, for it is here that
eternity is of infinite light and love.
Love alone can unite Nimeos-human energy between the creator and the eternity of its existence.

Note: Extract books be One:
         Photo composition the angel: An angel in heaven.
         3D Ceramic painting "Road",
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