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06 de Junio, 2016    General

Sun - Venus conjunct 06/06/2016

This conjunction of the Sun with Venus as I said days ago, is very important, and it is extremely complex, the number of planets involved in negative aspects, or squares and oppositions. If I have to talk about the conjunction itself, love with the light and the expression of the heart represented by the Sun board, here the heart is fully open, in a deep expression of love and creativity, can also signify awareness of the need to want love, or want to express the deep love, it is likely that the feeling of loneliness intensifies, and wanting to have someone to share life, the need to hit rock bottom, and it causes the search is higher than in other moment. On the other hand the capacity for creativity through art, music, dance, beautification, singing, creativity through writing, crafts, and expression of all kinds of work which we love, the family and friends may also be involved in all these actions, so social either in crisis or major mobilizations, large mass gatherings of people, a lot of popularity for some, and even fame in some cases. Saturn squaring conflicts can produce emotional coldness, or the tendency to curb the expression, or to take away from others for fear or insecurity, or even conflicts with older people, whether grandparents, parents, uncles, etc. It can also mean the fall of an important politician or an important personality, also the possibility of the death of a great dignitary, etc.Squaring the Lunar Nodes may mean that the direction to follow is not clear, or need to completely change it, because it is not going anywhere, can mean that many relationships end in these days, realize that unites He has no consistency, and the awareness that the direction that is needed is another take, and fully aware that to continue or looking or changing partners is taken. elations that are spent  these days can be fatal or have a tinge of defeat, or end very badly, with great couple crisis. Squaring Jupiter may mean that the positive things in life do not have expansion or connection, male and female do not meet, or not support, increases the chances of crisis, another thing that increases is the ambition, because intensifies lack. Squaring Neptune can make betrayals, deceptions, double relationships, relationships based on lies and ambition shown fascinating people, but behind there are real monsters are generated. All these planets make a grand square, together with the Lunar Nodes, so it is expected one or some important events, which can make human history, but in a very deep and difficult way to handle for some people can mean a great change or a big crisis, and for some countries also the crisis can be fatal or end, like some financial institutions, or some banks, they can reach their final or definitely fall. On the other hand it may mean they have problems with the weather, sea, rivers, large floods, heavy rains, floods, etc., problems with proliferation of viruses, infections of all kinds, tendency to depression, exes alcohol and drugs like escapism, etc.By birth charts to

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