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09 de Abril, 2016    General

Sun - Uranus conjunct 04/09/2016

This conjunction of the Sun with Uranus, the I connected with humanism, brotherhood, technical, individualism, independence, mechanics; make an unusual capacity for action, dynamic, creative, and a remote view, everything strange, unusual, outside the normal parameters, are the qualities of Uranus. Someone reminded me that the node or rotation axis of Uranus is tilted against the sun, unlike those of other planets and even the Sun, it causes Uranus is presented as a rebel, a snob, a different being, never adapts to what is already established, is not fixed to the rules, likes change, not be static, live intensely, and perhaps for this reason it costs to establish a stable partner, or one partner, not only for the renewal but also by individualism, independence, personal freedom, wanting to have bonds of love but with freedom; want to tie a person with strong influences of Uranus is like putting a bird in a cage, is kill by little, it fades to no longer exist. People born with these characteristics are usually very intelligent, they risk all, often make ends sports, and the view to be researchers, scientists, strong advocates of freedom, human rights, technicians in all, mechanical ability, etc. Uranus rules the love of brotherhood, so that the sun adds light and heat you need to expand your potential. The new age of Aquarius will be tinged with all these potentials and qualities of equality for two thousand years of their traffic in very small form is beginning to see, science, technology, brotherhood, transmission knowledge quickly and through air. The colour reflecting Uranus is the ultragreen, a very light green, so it is interesting to have something of that color on hand to receive better potential of uranium. Here in Aries, Uranus is expressed with much more determination, more action, more fighting and reckless, without patience, without fear to act, the problem is that not reason much before acting, besides sexuality intensifies, it makes it much stronger and dynamic, and almost without limits.Tastings by native

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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