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22 de Abril, 2016    General

Full Moon 22/04/2016

This Full Moon occurs between the houses 3 and 9, so that learning and teaching are the most important in these days, so the travel, the spiritual, and the need for emotional stability and material, as Taurus needs material stability, , inertia on what is already established, and the moon adds passion, intensity, depth, and strength to the objectives. Buddha was born under a full moon of Taurus, so it commemorates the day of the spiritual master, then it is a good time to make a good meditation to remember what the real direction of our lives. Although there are very negative astrological aspects, we are already dragged on for months, this day is especially good to use it spiritually and materially speaking on this day. On this day a conjunction of Venus with Uranus, Venus and social love, beauty, art, and embellishing creativity along with Uranus brotherhood, universal love, technology, science, the individual is produced; They make both a force of universal love, a bond between the individual and the social, causing many people to have feelings of wanting to help those who have less, or those who can not achieve or attain its objectives, while Venus unites and Uranus is kept separate, both make a very deep love, astrological these contacts can make many people change their thinking and feeling, and they need to join with other spiritual either in groups or associations of solidarity aid, etc; Pluto generates an inharmonious aspect to this conjunction so there may be large demonstrations of people in absentia or disagree with governments or political systems current. Saturn and Mars conjunct continue, although both generate a constructive and rigid aspect of acting , strict or dogmatic, much constancy and determination, they are situated in inharmonious with Neptune, the Lunar Nodes, and Jupiter, so the goals are as dissipated, difficult to follow or find, braking, there are great goals, but few resources or psychological force to make them, and the trend may be a lack of self-esteem, depression, loneliness, coldness of feelings, very strict but directionless, things fall apart despite everything gets as strength. Mercury is in Taurus without negative aspects, so the rational can help the situation, and the constancy and inertia of Taurus, and here Mercury is much more realistic and materialistic, so you can get stuff mental strength and stubbornness of Taurus.for different signs:Aries is a moment extraordinary beauty with universal love, the feeling of brotherhood, the inner strength to fight for higher ideals, for freedom that universal love gives.Taurus full moon this gives them every chance of success and changes that are waiting all year, changes in the spiritual, at home, and achievement for those in the area of ​​education or training.Gemminis still the right direction to follow is in sight, things are a little braking, but gemminis anything is possible.Cancer very demanded in every way, possibilities of job opportunities, and achievements in the profession.Leo very good social outings, contact with many people, good magnetism couple, perhaps some interesting proposal, the wheel of fortune accompanies them.Virgo continue with the support of Jupiter, to give expansion, wisdom, luck, and possibilities of all kinds of achievements.Pound, slowly bad energies are moving away, good time for students and teachers, possible long journey.Scorpio helps the situation in every way, in the profession, materially, spiritually, the end of a negative situation.Sagittarius is perhaps the most complicated sign at this time, but it is a moment to let the internal defeat and build new things very seriously, perseverance and inner strength.Capricorn on the one hand tendency to want to be alone to reconsider, but the internal rebellion mixed with new projects and achievements of all kinds.Aquarium staff strength remains intact, much individualism and humanitarian actions or brotherhood, real feelings can arise after a long time.Pisces some existential crisis on the one hand, or problems with the immune system, but a good chance of achievements of money and material things awaited.By birth charts to 

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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