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30 de Marzo, 2015    General

Sun - South Lunar Node conjunct 03/31/2015

This conjunction Sun - South Lunar Node, as the days of the passage of other planets around here, makes a kind of contact with the past, especially of past lives, perhaps we have no way of fully knowing it, but how to identify it is to Through vivid dreams of places, experiences, moods, feelings, very unusual experiences, as if he had lived, or problems that arise in very intense and difficult way to manage, I encounter people, places where we want to be, or just a feeling of wanting to live or feel certain things that are unique to us. The positive aspects of Jupiter, Uranus, Moon and Saturn, give the possibility to activate skills or huge potentials that are slowed or asleep, or somehow were not activated or not reached to achieve in a previous life, perhaps a deep need for independence, wanting to be free of everything around him, and plan things for the distant future, also want a partner that is productive, and the possibility of children, children who are gesten in these days are children children in a previous life. As stated in house 3 the greatest need may be in learning new things, study or want to finish school, or want to make short trips, meet relatives or siblings resolve legal problems, etc. Squaring Pluto may indicate very deep resolve, especially in the area of ​​self psychological problems, power handle life at will, or the mistake of wanting to have power or obsessive control over others, or want to do secretly plots so that others do not achieve their objectives, would be something like a hidden enemy, or an undercover agent.RICARDO M. Zani astrologerFor native breeds to
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